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Mobilizing Meanings

Translocal Identities of the Far Right Web

Patricia Anne Simpson

. Johannes Radke, a journalist who focuses on right-wing extremisms and youth groups, quotes and interprets the Immortals’ web-distributed position paper: “It has to do with propaganda—with propaganda that unmistakably identifies and blames the system as the

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Coalition Politics in Crisis?

The German Party System Before and After the 2017 Federal Election

Frank Decker and Philipp Adorf

second waves of right-wing extremism in the early 1950s and late 1960s quickly faded away, a third wave began to surface at the beginning of the 1980s, constituting a constant feature of the political world since. None of the German right-wing extremist

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Thomas Klikauer, Norman Simms, Helge F. Jani, Bob Beatty, and Nicholas Lokker

's Volksgemeinschaft remains a blatantly antisemitic concept defining and thus deciding who lives (the Aryans, of course) and who dies (who else but the Jews). 18 Much of this points to right-wing extremism, if not outright Nazism, rather than simple populism. While

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Pegida in Parliament?

Explaining the Failure of Pegida in Austria

Farid Hafez

Austria mobilized participants for the street battle in Germany between Hooligans and Salafists. 69 According to the döw , the Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance, which documents right-wing extremism in Austria, the Facebook page of hogesa

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Adam Hansen

necessary to respectfully acknowledge what one independent reviewer of the Prevent documentation said: This new strategy is designed to endure. Already it has to deal with a range of terrorism threats, including Al Qa’ida and right-wing extremism. None is

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Navigating the Politics of Anxiety

Moral Outrage, Responsiveness, and State Accountability in Denmark

Mette-Louise Johansen

of the Other in Denmark. Since 2013, 330 reports had been filed through the Infohouse, and a similar number had been rejected on the grounds of irrelevance. Out of these 330 reports, 20 cases concerned right-wing extremism and 2 cases leftwing

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The Aesthetics and Publics of Testimony

Participation and Agency in Architectural Memorializations of the 1993 Solingen Arson Attack

Eray Çaylı

’. Frankfurter Rundschau , 19 August . . Bertelsmann Foundation . 2009 . Strategies for Combating Right-Wing Extremism in Europe . Germany : Bertelsmann Stiftung

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Pulling up the Drawbridge

Anti-Immigrant Attitudes and Support for the Alternative for Germany among Russian-Germans

Michael A. Hansen and Jonathan Olsen

, Die Alternative für Deutschland. Programmatik. Entwicklung und politische Verortung,” German Politics 26, no. 2 (2017): 334–335; Samuel Salzborn, “Renaissance of the New Right in Germany? A Discussion of New Right Elements in German Right-Wing

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Mirko M. Hall

Turner-Graham, a historian of right-wing extremism, these critiques of Death in June and other bands tapped into a number of “popular dialogues” at that time that addressed “European identity, its composition and the way in which Europe’s cataclysmic past

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The politics of affect

Perspectives on the rise of the far-right and right-wing populism in the West

Sindre Bangstad, Bjørn Enge Bertelsen, and Heiko Henkel

in crisis . New York : Simon & Schuster . Roediger , David . 2017 . Class, race and Marxism . London : Verso . Shoshan , Nitzan . 2016 . The management of hate: Nation, affect, and the governance of right-wing extremism in Germany