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The Determination of Educational Policy

Shas, Politics, and Religion

Anat Feldman

Ministry of Education, Shas established MHH, its ultra-Orthodox educational network for elementary school-age children ( Feldman 2013a ). The party’s standing improved during its second Knesset term (1988–1992) because its strength had increased by 50

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Amir Goldstein

in Israel (1949–1965) The political strength of the Labor movement was entrenched during the British Mandate, first in the Yishuv and later within the Zionist movement. With the establishment of the state, the hegemony of the center-left party Mapai

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Ken Stein, Yael Berda, Galia Golan, Pnina Peri, Yuval Benziman, Dalia Gavriely-Nuri, Muzna Awayed-Bishara, and Aziza Khazzoom

of Israeli military strength in broad daylight could deter Syrian armed forces from moving into Jordan during the civil war there. Nixon ordered elements of the US Sixth Fleet to approach Israel’s coast, while an Israeli military column very visibly

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Sensory Perception of Rock Art in East Siberia and the Far East

Soviet Archeological “Discoveries” and Indigenous Evenkis

Donatas Brandišauskas

Everyone who had ever had a chance to be in places outlined in the monograph knows, what kind of strength, dedication and desire to overcome one's limitations a person needs just to see these monuments [rock art] since the location of them often are

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Evenki Adolescents’ Identities

Negotiating the Modern and the Traditional in Educational Settings

Svetlana Huusko

corridor “All strength and intellect to the development of our Motherland!” ( fig. 4 ). All the adolescents associate Figure 4 Poster, “All strength and intellect to the development of our Motherland!” Photo by the author (December 2016). the

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Paula Kabalo

these groups have sustained over the years ( Rozin 2016 ). Concurrently, however, it illuminates their strengths as local communities. It gives an indication of the extent of solidarity among their members and the sense of self-efficacy that typifies

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The Representation of Childhood in Ethnographic Films of Siberian Indigenous Peoples

The Case of the Documentary Film Malen’kaia Katerina (Tiny Katerina)

Ivan Golovnev and Elena Golovneva

Translator : Jenanne Ferguson

pastures suitable for deer grazing; there they would re-assemble and install their housing exclusively with the strength of their own family members (Lukina 1986: 122). The patterns of ornaments, embroidered by the woman of the house for her family, have

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Ben-Gurion and the Palestinian Refugees

Ideology, Morality, and Praxis

Yossi Goldstein

height of their strength, the Palestinian forces that fought in Palestine until mid-May 1948 consisted of a few thousand fighters dispersed throughout the country, with no joint command or coordination mechanism ( Gelber 2004: 37 ). Armed largely with

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Ekaterina Chekhorduna, Nina Filippova, and Diana Efimova

Translator : Jenanne K. Ferguson

life of the Sakha people. If, according to Plato, Homer brought up Hellas, then the Olonkho raised the Sakha people. It really can be compared with the ancient Greek epic—in strength, harmony, scope and beauty. What a vastness of thoughts and feelings

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Heroes of Our Time

The Historical-Political Context of Devorah Omer’s Novels

Rima Shikhmanter

toward accepting his destiny, Itamar is neither a rebel nor a ‘new man’, but a child who is sacrificed while fighting for family values and personal happiness. Unlike Sarah, Itamar is not imbued with masculine attributes such as strength, militarism, and