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Ana Isabel González Manso

as expressions of the idea or diverse evolutions of the Absolute , nor do I judge history as a subject that can be simply observed and experienced like the positivists. I am Catholic and, as a Catholic, I affirm Providence, revelation, free will

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Sectarianism and Recognition in Iraq

From Consociationalism to Deliberation?

Nicolas Pirsoul

. Conversely, Daesh proved through its actions that the absolute denial of recognition creates an environment where violence is the only form of communication. It therefore appears that a minimum level of recognition represents a first necessary step towards

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Robin Rodd

, because of its absolute novelty and democratic success, the honor of being examined in further detail. ( Petit Muñoz 2000: 297 , translated by the author) Indeed, the goal of combining regular and temporary mechanisms of democratic participation and

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Blake Ewing

became a matter of consciousness, which Kant separates between our “particular and limited private horizon” and the “absolute and universal horizon” that delineates the extent of human knowledge. In epistemology and in phenomenology, too, horizons are

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The Specter of Communism

Denmark, 1848

Bertel Nygaard

political program) in Denmark during the 1840s, communism had a strong presence in the discourse of the social order, including the conservative adherents of absolute monarchy as well as the liberal and democratic currents of the opposition attaining

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Timo Pankakoski and Antto Vihma

supplementary perspectives. Despite Blumenberg’s idiosyncratic focus on what he called “absolute metaphors” and the concomitant philosophical task of mapping the thought elements irreducible to pure conceptual language, he also noted the role of metaphors as

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Appropriations and Contestations of the Islamic Nomenclature in Muslim North India

Elitism, Lexicography, and the Meaning of The Political

Jan-Peter Hartung

which [the power of] the king is not absolute [ muṭlaq al-ʿnān ]. In such a [form of] leadership the ordinary crowds [ ʿāmm raʿāyā ] would be permitted to issue positive laws, and nothing is above these laws; in such a sultanate the flocks would consider

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Cary J. Nederman

splitter “separate[s] the good prince from the bad” in absolute terms that may not be crossed; kings are kings and tyrants are tyrants simpliciter ; (2) the lumper occupies a position directly opposing the splitter, denying the distinction between kings

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Modernity, Ḥadātha, and Modernité in the Works of Abdallah Laroui

Conceptual Translation and the Politics of Historicity

Nils Riecken

configuration as an absolute break. As David Scott has pointed out regarding modern invocations of historical breaks, it is crucial to ask “how this break is configured and what it is understood to consist in.” 70 Chronotopes of modernity and modernism, and

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Le moment Lamennais

Modern Slavery and the Re-description of People (and Democracy) in Spain and Chile

Gonzalo Capellán

there prevailed a respect for civil equality as well as the guarantee of freedoms. Despite this, Guizot rejected the sovereignty of the number as a false and impossible principle for two main reasons. On the one hand, because it means “the absolute power