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Andrew Inkpin

full access to essences. As he puts it, following the epoché , the ‘universal type […] floats in the air, so to speak – in the atmosphere of absolute, pure imaginables. Thus relieved of all facticity, it has become the eidos […], the ideal extent of

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Too Much of Nothing

Analytic and Sartrean Phenomenological Perspectives

John Graham Wilson

Nothingness , 21. 27 ibid. 28 One can, of course, say that there is an imaginary absolute nothingness, but such an absolute nothingness could not contain any consciousness to conceive, or experience it, and so such a state of nothingness “cancels itself out

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Robert Boncardo, Jean-Pierre Boulé, Nik Farrell Fox, and Daniel O'Shiel

leads to a lengthy and fascinating examination of the concept of the ‘ irréalisables ’ at the heart of being, the impossible absolutes that are always absent: unseizable objects of reflexion that perpetually haunt the subject's world, such as ‘ l

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Alexis Chabot

Translator : Ârash Aminian Tabrizi

by Sartre as an unhappy believer, as a man who wants to believe in God but cannot. He must find another way, an attempt which leads him towards the secularised equivalent of religion: l’Art pour l’Art , a new form of absolute invented in anguish. The

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From Perception to Action

Sartre's Practical Phenomenology

Blake D. Scott

fulfilment , which gives to an intention…the absolute fulness of content, the fulness of the object itself. The object is not merely meant, but in the strictest sense given , and given as it is meant, and made one with our meaning-reference. 13 For

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A Malady of the Left and an Ethics of Communism

Badiouian Diagnosis, Lacanian Cure, Sartrean Responsibility

Andrey Gordienko

intrinsic qualities and irreducible to any positive essence. As Sartre argues in an introduction to the inaugural issue of Les Temps Modernes , man is a situated absolute insofar as his universality is actualised in the singularity of his time and his

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Chiara Collamati

Translator : Marieke Mueller and Kate Kirkpatrick

society … reproduction as natural absolute is conditioned, penetrated by culture . … Need is an internalised cultural fact as much as society chooses its undernourished members on the basis of scarcity. And since it chooses them on an ideologico

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Sociality, Seriousness, and Cynicism

A Response to Ronald Santoni on Bad Faith

Jonathan Webber

conclusions with an absolute certainty despite the evidence not warranting such certainty. This basic structure of the project of bad faith allows for four different kinds of conduct, since the end and the epistemic attitude can be served in either of two ways

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Paul Gyllenhammer

, the problem has to do with using others as objects or seeing them as nothing but things to use. Sartre’s concerns navigate in relatively familiar ethical waters, since he is putting a spotlight on the absolute injustice of this system of

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Ronald E. Santoni

to want an ‘absolute equivalence of our being with itself’ ( BN , 59) – the sure mark of bad faith for Sartre. Bad Faith, Sincerity, and Reflection. In my Bad Faith, Good Faith and Authenticity , I stewed considerably over Sartre's claim in