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The Corpus Christi Devotion

Gender, Liturgy, and Authority among Dominican Nuns in Castile in the Middle Ages

Mercedes Pérez Vidal

presence of Christ, was unseeable. Thus the view of flesh, blood, or a Christ Child was a construction of the beholder, not a real presence. 24 Probably as a result of these theological arguments, Eucharistic miracles were not frequently depicted in

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Jewish Messianism and Revolutionary Utopias in Central Europe

Erich Fromm’s Early Writings (1922–1930)

Michael Löwy

’s attempt to combine Marxism and Freudism lies at the heart of his works in the following years. His first major work in this field – first published as a large essay in Freud’s journal Imago – was the book The Dogma of Christ (1931): this new interest

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The Art of Doubting

A Christian Perspective

Daniela Koeppler

When, during Christianity's early period, the expected so-called eschatological return of Christ did not occur, the new movement to which the disciples of Jesus belonged did not dissolve; instead, its missionary activities increased and a formal

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In Memoriam

John Urry, 1946–2016

Bob Jessop

, and John was the driving force behind our colleagues’ interest in these matters. John Urry was born on 1 June 1946. He was a student at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School and then went to Cambridge University to study economics and politics at Christ’s

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Discipline (and Lenience) Beyond the Self

Discipleship in a Pentecostal-Charismatic Organization

Bruno Reinhardt

the ‘visible’ and the ‘invisible’ bodies of Christ ( Schmitt 1996 ) and actualize it in terms of designs and strategies. It includes theological systems defining the nature and structure of the church, but also modes of Christian governance that

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Philip McCosker and Ed Kessler

known as replacement theology, supersessionism is the traditional Christian teaching that with the coming of Jesus Christ the Church, as the True Israel (verus Israel) , has replaced the Jewish people and that God’s covenant with them has come to an

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Mario Slugan

Pia from 1898 (Wikimedia Commons, PD-1923). More important than what the image depicts is the belief that the image is made out of Christ’s sweat and blood, that is, out of actual parts of his body . Precisely the same relevant properties obtain in the

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Marc Saperstein and Ruth Scott

first depiction of Jews not from the biblical period but from the medieval present (61, 81). And a second change occurred from around 1160: ‘Christ’s crucifiers [we]re for the first time explicitly portrayed as Jews and endowed with unprecedentedly

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Law and Liberation

Critical Notes on Agamben’s Political Messianism

Jayne Svenungsson

’s radicalism finds its most sophisticated expression in his teaching on the messianic vocation in the seventh chapter of his First Letter to the Corinthians. Here Paul famously enjoins the followers of Christ, the Messiah, to remain in the condition in which

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Dissenting from Redemption

Judaism and Political Theology

Alana M. Vincent

Christ, as the main protagonist (if not the sole actor) in the redemptive drama – and it is a drama, with exposition, climax and denouement all already written. While it would be an unfair dismissal of the wide array of very good and interesting work