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Making Space for Sanctions

The Economics of German Natural Gas Imports from Russia, 1982 and 2014 Compared

Stephen G. Gross

a significant reduction in gas supplies. It is not only the formulation of better crisis resolution mechanisms that has given Berlin more room to maneuver, however. Despite the ongoing Euro crisis and the perception of economic malaise, the German

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Tschüss, Perfidious Albion

German Reactions to Brexit

Eric Langenbacher

:// , accessed 22 August 2017. 21 , accessed 22 August 2017. All translations are by the author. 22

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Imagined Germany and the Battle of Models in South Korea

Rival Narratives of Germany in South Korean Public Spheres, 1990–2015

Jin-Wook Shin and Boyeong Jeong

follows. First, the South Korean elites’ interest in Germany has centered on the topics of national reunification, politics, economy, labor, and social welfare. In contrast, the most topical issues in Germany, such as European integration, the Euro crisis

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Luke B. Wood

Implications of the Euro Crisis on the European Union,” luiss Guido Carli University of Rome Working Paper 1/2013, 1-24; Hubert Zimmerman “Constructing Contagion: Germany’s Role in the Eurozone Crisis,” Perspectives on Europe: Europe in Crisis 41 (2011): 27

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Christian Schweiger

: National Interests and Conventional Statecraft in the European Community,” International Organization 45, no. 1 (1991): 19–56. 15 Franz-Josef Meiers, Germany’s Role in the Euro Crisis: Berlin’s Quest for a More Perfect Monetary Union (London, 2015

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Unpacking Gender Images across Angela Merkel’s Four Campaigns for the Chancellorship, 2005–2017

Joyce Marie Mushaben

enjoying an export boom, low unemployment and tax surpluses, Germany had become a defining power in response to the Euro crisis and was leading the way to a renewable energy turnaround. Merkel had contained a military clash between Russia and Georgia and

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“The Fourth Reich Is Here”

An Exploration of Populist Depictions of the European Union as a German Plot to Take Over Europe

Julian Pänke

International Hierarchies in the Euro Crisis,” in Hierarchies in World Politics , ed. Ayşe Zarakol (Cambridge, 2017), 198–218. 54 Ibid., 204. See also, for example, Costas Lapavitsas and Eustache Kouvélakis, Crisis in the Eurozone (London, 2012). 55 Adler

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“We Must Talk about Cologne”

Race, Gender, and Reconfigurations of “Europe”

Beverly Weber

outside threat. A “crisis” in Europe is nothing new: there have been numerous crises of concepts of Europe (and of its constituent nationalities) perceived by intellectuals and public figures across the political spectrum since 1945. The discourse of Euro-crisis

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Wolfgang Merkel and Jean-Paul Gagnon

(2007 pp.) and the Euro crisis (2009 pp.), the state became bigger because the state took over the debts of banks. Many governments, especially in Europe, thought or pretended to think “these banks cannot fail because they are too big to fail.” Indeed

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Alexander Dilger, Christopher Thomas Goodwin, George Gibson, Michelle Lynn Kahn, Randall Newnham, Christopher Thomas Goodwin, and Stephen F. Szabo

them in the S-Group. While the public savings banks specialized in local lending, the larger public banks engaged in more risky business, which was lucrative in boom times but brought large losses during and after the financial and Euro crisis. The