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The Puzzle of The University on Air

A Story of Media and Academia in Israel, 1977–2013

Hagai Boas and Ayelet Baram-Tsabari

argue that the secret of the program’s long survival lies, ironically, in its institutional position as a program of the military radio, which is a branch of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) educational corps ( Soffer 2012 ). Whereas the Israeli media was

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Naomi Chazan, Morad Elsana, Ian S. Lustick, Sam Lehman-Wilzig, Gideon Rahat, Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Daphne Inbar, and Oren Barak

—the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)—was established, women have been conscripted into the IDF and have served in various positions within its ranks. However, two prominent Israeli sociologists, Edna Lomsky-Feder and Orna Sasson-Levy, argue in their most recent

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Trauma, Time, and the ‘Singular Plural’

The Israeli Television Series Fauda

Nurith Gertz and Raz Yosef

abducted by the Hamas, is ‘the son of us all,’ through the ‘son of the nation’ IDF soldier Elor Azaria, who shot a wounded, prone Palestinian terrorist at point-blank range, to the chair of the Zionist Union Party (HaMahaneh HaTziyoni), Yitzhak Herzog

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Hilla Dayan, Anat Stern, Roman Vater, Yoav Peled, Neta Oren, Tally Kritzman-Amir, Oded Haklai, Dov Waxman, Raphael Cohen-Almagor, Alan Dowty, and Raffaella A. Del Sarto

outstanding officer, Colonel Ibrahim is one of many Israeli Druze who have joined the IDF and thrived in their military careers. He was selected because of his volunteer work with special needs children, and for encouraging enlistment and integration of all

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Seized in Beirut

The Plundered Archives of the Palestinian Cinema Institution and Cultural Arts Section

Rona Sela

1 ‘IDF and Defense Establishment Archives. Film Seized from the PLO Archive in Beirut. Memories of Glow – PLO: The History of the Palestinians since 1919 in Paintings and Photographs.’ Footage of the film directed by Ismail Shammout plundered from

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Turkish-Israeli Relations during the Cold War

The Myth of a Long ‘Special Relationship’

Kilic Bugra Kanat

). The Lebanese Civil War and Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon led to an increasingly complex period in Turkish-Israeli relations. At the beginning of the conflict, Turkey strongly condemned the attack of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Lebanon. In

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Uzi Meshulam and the ‘Mishkan Ohalim’ Affair

The Influence of Radical Ultra-Orthodoxy

Motti Inbari

violating Halakhic norms—Meshulam claimed (falsely) to have done military service in the celebrated Israel Defense Forces (IDF) general staff commando unit ( sayeret matkal ) and to have made a “daring” foray into the state archives. In his hands, he told

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Tristan Josephson, Marcin B. Stanek, Tallie Ben Daniel, Jeremy Ash, Liz Millward, Caroline Luce, Regine Buschauer, Amanda K. Phillips, and Javier Caletrío

the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and the subsequent shifts in how we understand disability, are the central concern of this book. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) sees itself as “the most moral army in the world,” in part because of policies that

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Amir Goldstein

control over the right-wing nationalist movement, sideline Begin’s followers, and relegate Begin to the status of spiritual leader. Upon his retirement from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as commander of the Air Force, Weizman was integrated into Herut at

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Ken Stein, Yael Berda, Galia Golan, Pnina Peri, Yuval Benziman, Dalia Gavriely-Nuri, Muzna Awayed-Bishara, and Aziza Khazzoom

incarceration, he carried a toddler on his back as they fled the Athlit detention camp in 1946. Rabin and his Palmach volunteers freed several dozen immigrants that night. As IDF chief of staff in the 1960s, Rabin, along with his colleagues, reorganized Israel