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Alena Minchenia

declaration of independence by the Belarusian People's Republic (BPR) on 25 March 1918; 10 and the Chernobyl March (commemoration of the Chernobyl disaster on 26 April). For these actions, professional protesters decide on details such as the schedule

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Eliza Guyol-Meinrath Echeverry

’s protests, a decision upheld by the British Columbia Court of Appeals in November 2017 ( Barutciski et al. 2018 ). When Eritrea first achieved independence from Ethiopia in 1991, the new country had a democratically constructed constitution and strong civil

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The Meanings of the Move?

From “Predicaments of Mobility” to “Potentialities in Displacement”

Stephen C. Lubkemann

. Shortly after Mozambique achieved independence from Portugal in 1975, the country’s hostile neighbors (the apartheid regimes of South Africa and Southern Rhodesia) instigated a civil war that would last nearly a decade and a half. Over its fifteen

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The Many Faces of the State

Living in Peace and Conflict in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

Nasir Uddin and Eva Gerharz

Bangladeshi state and nationalism, which rests on the ideal image of a homogeneous national society wherein others are considered to constitute a “threat” Since Bangladesh gained independence in 1971, major efforts have been made by those holding power over

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Steven Brooke, Dafne Accoroni, Olga Ulturgasheva, Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, Eugenia Roussou, Francesco Vacchiano, Jeffrey D. Howison, Susan Greenwood, Yvonne Daniel, Joana Bahia, Gloria Goodwin Raheja, Charles Lincoln Vaughan, Katrien Pype, and Linda van de Kamp

Moroccan independence in 1944. Massive industrialization and heavy urbanization resulted in water shortages, typhoid and tuberculosis epidemics, the disintegration of tribal organization, and popular unrest and political organization, both in Morocco and in

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Performance, Power, Exclusion, and Expansion in Anthropological Accounts of Protests

Aet Annist

universal: from food riots, the issue of human dignity ( Bush 2010 ); from protests against phosphorite mining, the quest for independence ( Auer 1998 ); from local needs, “big issues of austerity and neoliberal politics” ( Lauth Bacas and Näser-Lather 2018

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To Be or Not to Be a Hero

Recognition and Citizenship among Disabled Veterans of the Sri Lankan Army

Matti Weisdorf and Birgitte Refslund Sørensen

country in a devastating grip for 26 years. At the core of the conflict were deep tensions between the state, dominated by the Sinhalese majority, and the Tamil minority population, who since the country gained independence in 1948 had experienced

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Valentina Napolitano

traditional understanding. Indeed, by the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Criollo leaders were championing nationalist and revolutionary movements for independence in the Americas, while their Criollismo was also a rhetorical formation that partially

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Fighting Fire with Fire

Resistance to Transitional Justice in Bahrain

Ciara O’Loughlin

manipulating transitional justice mechanisms as a form of resistance is apparent in the case study of Bahrain. Engagement as Resistance: Political Manipulation of Transitional Justice in Bahrain The Situation in Bahrain Since gaining independence in 1971, the

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Danger, Moral Opacity, and Outrage

Fear of Jihadism and the Terrorist Threat in Southern Mali

Tone Sommerfelt

French colonization and after Mali’s independence in 1960, the vast desert areas of northern Mali—populated by Tuareg, Arabs, Songhai, Fulbe, Bozo, Dogon, and other groups— have been exposed to violent conflict. After a 2006 peace agreement, the conflict