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The End Point of Zionism

Ethnocentrism and the Temple Mount

Tomer Persico

from virtually nil to almost half of Likud’s members of the Knesset (MKs) active in promoting Jewish visits there. Thus, in 2012 MK Yuli Edelstein, later to become Speaker of the Knesset, stated, “My job is to deal with the daily process, connecting and

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Sephardi Leadership in Israel

Transitioning from Mandate to Statehood

Moshe Naor

the elections to the Constituent Assembly, the councils of the Sephardi community in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Tiberias established the Sephardi and Oriental Communities Union as a joint political list. 15 In the 1st Knesset, Avraham Elmalih and

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Yoram Peri and Paul L. Scham

combined to reduce the reaction to almost nothing. This is despite the fact that the individual in question is head of an extremist party that was banned from running for Knesset in 1988, when its leader was Rabbi Kahane. Since then, Kahanist leaders have

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Materiality as an Agency of Knowledge

Competing Forms of Knowledge in Rachel's Tomb in Tiberias

Nimrod Luz

outrageous misleading of the public. ( Antebi 1995 ) As the letter was also addressed to Abd al-Wahab Darwasha, a Muslim member of the Knesset, Darwasha instigated an official query asking the Minister of Religious Affairs to investigate the matter and

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Menachem Klein

government has passed three laws to limit alternative agents’ activities. In 2011, the Knesset approved the Nakba Law, which “authorizes the Finance Minister to reduce state funding or support to an institution if it holds an activity that rejects the

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Menachem Begin’s World Travels in the 1950s

A Road to Political Legitimacy

Ofira Gruweis-Kovalsky

December 1948 was election season in the nascent State of Israel—the height of the campaign for the country’s first Constituent Assembly, soon to be renamed the Knesset. Elections were set for 25 January 1949. At this historic moment, Menachem Begin

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Guest Editors’ Introduction

Resisting Liberalism in Israel—the Case of Marginalized Mizrahim

Nissim Mizrachi and Menachem Mautner

electorate. Meretz, the Jewish leftist-liberal party, obtained votes barely sufficient to allow it to remain in the Knesset. The votes won by the Labor Party failed to lift it out of its middling size or to spread it beyond the middle class. These results

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Jeremy Schonfield, Alinda Damsma, and Marc Saperstein

to the monumental gift of British parliamentarians to the Knesset made by the sculptor Benno Elkan (whose name is consistently misspelled here ‘Beno Elkin’, a rare error in this well-edited book). A possible quibble is Fine’s failure to explore the

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Liberalism in Israel

Between the ‘Good Person’ and the ‘Bad Citizen’

Menachem Mautner

the Western middle class,” who “were opposed and even publicly protested, claiming that their skills (intellectual, of course) were not coming to expression in these units.” The Election Campaign for the Second Knesset and Its Outcomes In November 1950

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Dan Rabinowitz, Russell Stone, Guy Ben-Porat, Paul Scham, Wilhelm Kempf, Lior Libman, and Asaf Sharabi

older men. Rozin extensively documents both the public controversy that appeared in the press and in appeals to the Knesset for appropriate correction to this social practice, and the campaign to amend the inadequate laws inherited from the British