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Tatiana Vagramenko

places. The tundra has become a center of religious life and an authentic source of Christianity. Notes 1 The discussion of the role of Protestant Christianity in the economic realm, particularly in fostering capitalism, goes back to Max Weber. And

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Performing humanitarian militarism

Public security and the military in Brazil

Stephanie Savell

understudied (for exceptions, see Samset 2014 ; Rodrigues 2015 )—not to repeat the refrain of police militarization but to parse the display of humanitarian concern that couches this intervention. Theorists of the state from Max Weber (1991 [1919] ) to

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Research Methodology in Kurdish Studies

Interactions between Fieldwork, Epistemology and Theory

Mehmet Orhan

Oberschall , A.R. ( 1965 ), ‘ Max Weber and Empirical Social Research ’, American Sociological Review 30 , no. 2 : 185 – 199 . Malinowski , B. ( 1932 ), Arganouts of the Western Pacific ( London : Routledge ). Nikitine , B. ( 1956 ), Les Kurdes

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The Limits of Liberal Democracy

Prospects for Democratizing Democracy

Viviana Asara

. Pellizzoni , Luigi . 2018 . “ Responsibility and Ultimate Ends in the Age of the Unforeseeable: On the Current Relevance of Max Weber's Political Ethics .” Journal of Classical Sociology 18 ( 3 ), 197 — 214 . Plumwood , Val . 1995 . “ Has Democracy

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Timo Pankakoski and Antto Vihma

fragmentation have emerged to describe modernity. Max Weber perceived modernity in terms of rationalization, disenchantment, and secularization and juxtaposed traditional authority with the modern “polytheism” of values. 81 Many of his categories found their

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Pınar Melis Yelsalı Parmaksız

(Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2010). 16 Peter Suber, “Paternalism,” in Philosophy of Law: An Encyclopedia, Vol. 1743 , ed. Christopher Berry Gray (New York: Routledge, 2012), 632–635. 17 Max Weber defines the patrimonial state as a traditional type of

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“Space without People”

Austro-German Filmmaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist Colin Ross Discovers Australia

Siegfried Mattl

engineer’s family distantly related to the famous British explorer John Ross, Colin Ross made an extraordinary career. Educated as an engineer and later studying political science and sociology with Max Weber and other recognized German scholars, he worked

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Niklas Olsen, Irene Herrmann, Håvard Brede Aven, and Mohinder Singh

sociologist Talcott Parsons translated Max Weber's theory of social action and with it his concept of Technik . Accordingly, Parsons used technology as a synonym for instrumental rationality. At the same time, other sociologists identified the term with

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‘Sensuous Singularity’

Hamish Fulton’s Cairngorm Walk-Texts

Alan Macpherson

, specifically for an environmental ethics. Bennett’s argument for enchantment responds to what she diagnoses as the prevailing disenchantment narratives of modernity, which she traces through, among others, Max Weber, Hans Blumenberg and Simon Critchley. 8 A

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Anton Jansson, Kai Vogelsang, and Nele Kuhlmann

being subjected, and on the other hand, Max Weber’s, Hans Jonas’s, and R. Jay Wallace’s concepts that discuss the fact of subjecting. Vogelmann brings forward the argument that in spite of the stress on one side all approaches also refer to the other