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The Worth of the ‘While’

Time and Taxes in a Finnish Timebank

Matti Eräsaari

–42) has argued that in Melanesia hierarchy can be realized in terms of the dominant value of equality: a ‘big-man’ status is achieved by having more equal-exchange partners than others, by being quantitatively more equal than others. Similarly, Helsinki

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Freeing the ‘Aboriginal Individual’

Deconstructing ‘Development as Freedom’ in Remote Indigenous Australia

Hannah Bulloch and William Fogarty

but also how we conceive of ourselves and others, in particular, the boundaries and interconnections between one another and between ourselves and the wider cosmos. Early anthropological theorizing compared peoples in South Asia, Melanesia, and Africa

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Rane Willerslev

‘ethnographic orthodoxy’ through its concern for uncovering the radical alterity of others ( Willerslev 2013c: 42 ). This radical alterity is supposed to be found primarily in small-scale communities in Amazonia ( Viveiros de Castro 1992 ), Melanesia ( Scott

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Toward a Comparative Anthropology of Muslim and Christian Lived Religion

Daan Beekers

. Schieffelin , and Aparecida Vilaça . 2014 . “ Evangelical Conversion and the Transformation of the Self in Amazonia and Melanesia: Christianity and the Revival of Anthropological Comparison .” Comparative Studies in Society and History 56 ( 3 ): 559

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Doing Personhood in Chinese Culture

The Desiring Individual, Moralist Self and Relational Person

Yunxiang Yan

Personhood and Christian Practice in Melanesia and the West ’. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (n.s.) 16 ( 2 ): 215 – 240 . 10.1111/j.1467-9655.2010.01618.x Mookherjee , N. 2013 . ‘ Introduction: Self in South Asia ”. Journal of

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Hierarchy, Value, and the Value of Hierarchy

Naomi Haynes and Jason Hickel

Smedal 2009a . Robbins , Joel . 1994 . “ Equality as a Value: Ideology in Dumont, Melanesia, and the West .” Social Analysis 36 : 21 – 70 . Robbins , Joel . 2004 . Becoming Sinners: Christianity and Moral Torment in a Papua New Guinea Society

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Fates Worse Than Death

Destruction and Social Attachment in Timor-Leste

Gabriel Tusinski

, Southeast Asia, Melanesia, and the Pacific Islands, albeit with differing socio-cultural implications. As Keane (1997: 70) points out for the Anakalangese of Sumba, the combination of the dual vegetal components of betel is conceptualized as iconic of the

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Marxian anthropology resurgent

Patrick Neveling and Luisa Steur

and failures of 1917, with Mauss’s privileged upbringing under the wings of his anti-revolutionary, republican uncle Émile Durkheim and his Eurocentric armchair anthropology comparison of Roman and Sanskrit law with contemporary societies in Melanesia

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Spirit of the Future

Movement, Kinetic Distribution, and Personhood among Siberian Eveny

Olga Ulturgasheva

: Cornell University Press . Strathern , Marilyn . 1988 . The Gender of the Gift: Problems with Women and Problems with Society in Melanesia . Berkeley : University of California Press . Strathern , Marilyn . 1999 . Property, Substance and Effect

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Repaying the Debts of the Dead

Kinship, Microfinance, and Mortuary Practice on the Paraguayan Frontier

Caroline E. Schuster

Entrepreneurs. References Akin , David , and Joel Robbins , eds. 1999 . Money and Modernity: State and Local Currencies in Melanesia . Pittsburgh, PA : University of Pittsburgh Press . Bloch , Maurice , and Jonathan Parry . 1982 . “ Introduction