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Renaissance of the New Right in Germany?

A Discussion of New Right Elements in German Right-wing Extremism Today

Samuel Salzborn

retrospect as the ideological forerunners and precursors to National Socialism, while also being intellectually superior to it. Therefore, the intellectual and historical sources referenced within the New Right are the same intellectuals of the Weimar period

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Cyrus Shahan

a German identity liberated from National Socialism alongside the dystopic, violent aesthetics in Brinkmann’s attempt to bring forth Germany’s ultimate demise. The return to Kraftwerk’s technological means of representation and their simultaneous

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Richard Bessel

national socialism glorified violence and when in power made their violent ideologies real in campaigns of aggressive war and mass murder. Violence has long been regarded as “a fundamental ingredient,” “the actual substance” of Italian fascism. 39 As Paul

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Spatial Relations and the Struggle for Space

Friedrich Ratzel’s Impact on German Education from the Wilhelmine Empire to the Third Reich

Troy Paddock

Germany from the late Wilhelmine Empire to the Third Reich while striving to explain how Ratzel’s thought could be misappropriated by National Socialism. Although there were few explicit references to Ratzel in textbooks, his influence on German geography

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Andrew J. Webber

between and which seek to recover the construct and imbue it with their own distinctive meaning. 4 The constructs of Heimat and Märchen have both been marked by their association with the political imaginary of National Socialism and its corruption

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Joyce Marie Mushaben, Shelley Baranowski, Trevor J. Allen, Sabine von Mering, Stephen Milder, Volker Prott, and Peter C. Pfeiffer

National Socialism. Despite its title, this collection deals not only with colonialism as territorial control and/or settlement but also imperialism and empire in the broadest sense from the migration of Germans globally, to the informal economic

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The Will of the People?

Carl Schmitt and Jean-Jacques Rousseau on a Key Question in Democratic Theory

Samuel Salzborn

actually be the more sensible path in legal theory, namely, to erase such indeterminate concepts in general from the legal system. He does so because indeterminate concepts are, as later demonstrated by the National Socialism movement, crucial for

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Bridging the Political Gaps

The Interdiscursive Qualities of Political Romanticism in the Weimar Republic

Christian E. Roques

topic. 90 Traditionally, the opposition to national socialism is presented as a fundamental element of religious socialism’s intellectual identity. 91 But as Kurt Nowak already noted in 1981, “the general attitude of the Tillich circle toward

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Law and Liberation

Critical Notes on Agamben’s Political Messianism

Jayne Svenungsson

facto taking place in democratic societies. Agamben portrays the current judicial-political system as a ‘killing machine’, which has ‘continued to function almost without interruption from World War One, through fascism and National Socialism, and up to

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‘Go out and learn’

Shakespeare, Bildung and the Jewish Youth Movement in Germany between Integration and Jewish Self-Identification

Rosa Reicher

antisemitism and the rise of National Socialism. The historian Hanns Günther Reissner 9 wrote in his essay ‘Gehe aus und lerne’ 10 (a quote from the Passover Haggadah) that the Jewish youth reveres the great spirits of Europe ‘whom we cannot miss, and who is