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Islam, Travel, and Learning

A Case Study on Indonesian Muslim Student Diasporas in Saudi Arabia

Sumanto Al Qurtuby

, friendship networks, Islamist political party cadres, or religious sermons run by Indonesian Salafi groups in Saudi Arabia have also been important factors in shaping the Salafi-ness, Wahhabi-ness, or Islamist-ness of Indonesian students. In fact, many

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Sarah Horton

political party implicitly understand that their leaders may need to lie to them to accomplish the party’s goal, so they desire that their leaders lie to them if lying is the best way to accomplish that goal. If the members recognize their responsibility for

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Thom Brooks

voters should be able to recognise them as such. But this is not always true. In many Western democracies, political parties contest elections on campaign manifestos which are their stated political commitments for government if elected. Campaign promises

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David Schweikart

that the working classes of Europe were not capable of revolution. In France and Italy in particular, the Communist Parties—dominant players in the Resistance—were large and powerful. Indeed, the PCF was the largest political party in France after the

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“Purely Artistic”

Police Power and Popular Culture in Colonial Algerian Theater

Danielle Beaujon

in 1830, but by the interwar period, formal political parties emerged. 8 In 1926, Messali Hadj founded the Étoile Nord-Africaine, a political organization that demanded reform within the French Empire and a larger political role for Algerian elites

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African Dawn

Keïta Fodéba and the Imagining of National Culture in Guinea

Andrew W. M. Smith

’ignorance en Côte d’Ivoire denounced the decision to ban Fodéba’s work. This group was affiliated with the political party Rassemblement démocratique africain (RDA) as a communist study group alongside the Université populaire africain à Dakar 30 They

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Deliberation and Courts

The Role of the Judiciary in a Deliberative System

Donald Bello Hutt

and principle. The division of labour in a deliberative system aims at including every actor accomplishing political work, including courts and legislatures, but also interest-group associations, political parties, media, universities, think tanks

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The Ambiguity of Subversion

Resistance through Radio Broadcasting

Gisli Vogler

military strength of a regime by infiltrating civil institutions, manipulating political parties, and generating civil unrest ( Rosenau 2007 ). This view maintains a strict moral distinction between the state and subversion as terrorism and is therefore

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Jules Vallès and Séverine

Romantic Socialism and the Afterlife of a Cross-Sex Friendship in French Political Culture, 1880–1929

Michael Mulvey

with confidence that “Alfred Dreyfus is innocent … innocent, innocent, INNOCENT!” 126 Henceforth, she sought converts through journalism. 127 Historian Françoise Blum noted that Séverine had a deep desire to re-experience sociability outside political