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Richard Wright and the 1955 Bandung Conference

A Re-Evaluation of The Color Curtain

Babacar M'Baye

The Color Curtain reflects Richard Wright's problematical assessment of the 1955 Bandung Conference and his difficult attempts to reconcile his sincere denunciation of the consequences of colonialism and racism on people of Asian and African descent with his condescending representation of Third World nationalism during the middle of the twentieth century. The book reveals striking paradoxes in Wright's evaluation of a nationalism that he occasionally vilifies as an ideology that was grounded on impassioned and essentialist cultural or religious affiliations and feelings. Yet Wright's demeaning, elitist, and patronizing attitudes about Third World nationalism and cultures did not prevent him from identifying with the core spirit of the Bandung Conference. In his assessment of the summit, Wright occasionally reveals his admiration for a Third World nationalism that echoed his disparagement of Western racism and imperialism.

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Raphael Cohen-Almagor

This article examines the tension between liberalism and Orthodoxy in Israel as it relates to censorship. The first section aims to explain Israel's vulnerability as a multicultural democracy in a hostile region, with significant schisms that divide the nation. The next section presents the dilemma: should Israel employ legal mechanisms to counter hate speech and racism? The third section details the legal framework, while the fourth reviews recent cases in which political radicals were prosecuted for incitement to racism. The final section discusses cases in which football supporters were charged with incitement after chanting “Death to Arabs“ during matches. I argue that the state should consider the costs and risks of allowing hate speech and balance these against the costs and risks to democracy and free speech that are associated with censorship.

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Contested Memory

Retrieving the Africanist (Liberatory) Conception of Non-racialism

Ndumiso Dladla

Liberalism and racism have been intertwined for hundreds of years, for the same developments of modernity that brought liberalism into existence as a supposedly general set of political norms also brought race into existence as a set of restrictions

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Decolonizing Anthropology

Reflections from Cambridge

Heidi Mogstad and Lee-Shan Tse

right to presence in places far from home’. 4 We were also struck by the deafening silence around race, structural racism and white privilege, which, despite anthropology’s ‘institutional position as an anti-racism science’ ( Antrosio and Han 2015: 1

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God's Voice in a Secular Society

A Muslim Perspective

Taniya Hussain

right to life, liberty or property’ and endorsed ‘a master's “Absolute, arbitrary, despotic power” … which included “the power to kill him at any time”’, then this racism needs to be acknowledged. For now, the great-grandchildren of these natives live as

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Heta Mulari

, everyday space and a convenient and quick way of commuting, even as “the best metro I've travelled on,” racism and sexism in the metro space were also recognizable and common, especially in the evenings. Furthermore, the popular and trans-urban image of the

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Karima Kadi-Hanifi

This interdisciplinary paper is about applying Adult Education methods of learning and teaching to higher education. I argue that higher education students need to be stimulated via interactive methods that improve their motivation and lead them to question the value system/s that exist around them. A Freirean approach as used in the teaching of Adult Literacy and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) was applied to a group of 'elite' students at the University of Birmingham who were taking a language foundation course. As a sociolinguist and ESOL practitioner from a black perspective, I argue that the understanding of concepts of language and racism, imperialism and social class can best be facilitated using such an approach. Taking groups of students through this learning journey is challenging for higher education practitioners and the results add a relatively new dimension to the collective reflection on learning and teaching in higher education today.

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Migration – A New Normal

A Christian Perspective

Michael Oliver Bothner

dangerous. And often hazardous for the people who are addressed by it. The inclusion of these descriptions into daily life results in actions. The daily and structural racism to which People of Colour (POC) are exposed on a daily basis regardless of their

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Between Resistance and the State

Caribbean Activism and the Invention of a National Memory of Slavery in France

Itay Lotem

. Blackness had often been defined less through Pan-Africanism and more through resistance to police violence and racism, which the official commemoration of slavery and its abolitions did nothing to change. Ultimately, the process in which the French Republic

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Nazism and the Holocaust in Indian History Textbooks

Basabi Khan Banerjee and Georg Stöber

extracted from occupied Europe. Nazi racism was directed against the Jews, communists and gypsies. Jews were imprisoned in concentration camps, and about six million Jews were murdered in a state-sponsored genocide using industrial methods of extermination