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‘Go out and learn’

Shakespeare, Bildung and the Jewish Youth Movement in Germany between Integration and Jewish Self-Identification

Rosa Reicher

community, faithful and not useless employees on the immortal and all common cause of mankind’. This plea testifies to a new self-consciousness; while the rising antisemitism worried the Jewish youth, they believed that through Bildung , prejudice and

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Majed Aladylah

widely separated regions of space-time, which are of her own imagination. Spaces that play a crucial role in an individual's inward self-consciousness, they are intended to express the inner world of emotions, memories, thoughts and subjectivity. The

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So What Is the Anthropology of Buddhism About?

David N. Gellner

Perrière, and others, the anthropology of Buddhism may be achieving more unity of purpose and more self-consciousness than it has had for a long time. I also stand by another conclusion from 1990—that the question of authenticity has always had meaning for

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Francesc Bellaubi

, and between social classes. While formulating the geoethical dilemma of Lake Turgoyak and during the informal meetings, people expressed a strong sense of Russian self-consciousness identity as, somehow, a kind of nostalgia inherited from the Soviet

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The Ill-Equipped Modernist

Historicizing Édouard Dujardin’s Les Lauriers Sont Coupés

Kelly J. Maynard

-pinching and cavalier luxury. This context informed Dujardin’s creation of Daniel Prince, the young bourgeois making his way in Paris in a state of excruciating self-consciousness. In one of the most entertaining sections of Les Lauriers , in chapter 3, Prince

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Leslie Paul Thiele and Marshall Young

). As such, narratives facilitate both understanding and action. Embedding action within a narrative allows it to be understood as intentional and purposeful. Self-consciousness – often claimed to be the defining feature of our species – might best be

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Murray Smith

Has there ever been a work reflecting on the characteristic aesthetic features, value, and experience afforded by Hollywood filmmaking with anything approaching the self-consciousness, rigor, and flair exhibited in Todd Berliner's Hollywood

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The Work of Culture, Heritage, and Musealized Spaces in “Unprecedented Times”

Christina Kreps

” ( Breidenbach and Nyiri 2009: 9 ) and the importance placed on “having a culture” ( Handler 1985:192 ). The anthropologist Marshall Sahlins asserted, in the early 1990s, that “cultural self-consciousness,” especially among “imperialism's erstwhile victims,” was

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Being-for-itself and the Ontological Structure

Can Being-for-itself Avoid Bad Faith?

Ronald E. Santoni

desire to be such is a bad faith way of seeing ourselves or the world. But if at the birth of our self-consciousness we are “congenitally oriented” 25 to doing so, may we justifiably apply the ethical judgment “immoral” to bad faith? Don't the terms

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Joerg Fingerhut

experience compared to other mental states and the self-conscious character of such an experience (i.e., we are savoring such experiences rather than just having them). The two latter motifs —specificity and the aspect of self-consciousness—become integrated