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Mobilizing Meanings

Translocal Identities of the Far Right Web

Patricia Anne Simpson

Party of Germany’s ( npd ) youth organization, the Junge Nationaldemokraten, the protests themselves appeared “ lächerlich ” or ridiculous to some. 17 Indeed, the high drama of the movement’s self-presentation elicited parodies and undermining pokes at

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Anxiety and learning

Cultural polarisation in social science courses

Jose Leonardo Santos

that obviates polarisation anxiety. Instructor self-presentation Professors strategise about their own cultural biases. Some choose not to mention their own views. Others share openly, modelling acceptability of multiple perspectives while

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Ian S. Lustick

Jerusalem suburbanization. The argument echoes one side of a traditional dispute within Zionism. The classical self-presentation of the movement by its leaders ascribes its success to a visionary elite (epitomized by the idea of Theodor Herzl ‘founding the

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Liesbeth Schoonheim

Kirkpatrick's biography is the ‘becoming’ of Beauvoir, which she primarily (but not exclusively) understands as a form of self-presentation by a public intellectual that strategically anticipates the hostilities faced by women who acquire such visibility. In

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Brand of Brothers?

The Humboldt Forum and the Myths of Innocence

Jonathan Bach

strikes a dissonant and defensive note in the Forum's self-presentation. As one Forum staff member pithily summarized the position of its leadership to me, from their perspective “the collections have nothing to do with colonialism—they were all acquired

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Ocean Thinking

The Work of Ocean Sciences, Scientists, and Technologies in Producing the Sea as Space

Susannah Crockford

scientists’ self-presentations of their work ( Hannigan 2016: 105–134 ). Ocean scientists writing about their own ways of knowing, learning, and gathering fragments of the ocean from which to extrapolate theory tend to focus on this theme when they write for

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Keeping the Future at Bay

Waria, Anticipation and Existential Endings in Bali, Indonesia

Sylvia Tidey

, discourses and practices of feminine beauty play an important part in waria life, both for reasons of self-presentation and for reasons of sexual attractiveness to men. References Achino-Loeb , M.-L. (ed.). 2005 . Silence: The Currency of Power

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How to Survive the Postfeminist Impasse

Grace Helbig’s Affective Aesthetics

Catherine McDermott

typically encourage female subjects to “appear as entirely confident, carefree and unconcerned about their self presentation (as this is now an important aspect of femininity in its own right)” (155). 5 Although beyond the scope of this article, it is worth

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The Left Party and the AfD

Populist Competitors in Eastern Germany

Jonathan Olsen

undertones—throughout its self-presentation. In contrast to the AfD, the lp ’s (left-wing) populism is more muted. Indeed, scholars have been divided on whether the lp can even be considered properly populist. Eckhard Jesse suggests that the AfD and lp

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Daniel Lewis

-between—are spectacles, and are “forms of intellectual and social authority that are established through aesthetic self-presentation to an audience” (1995: 12). For example, visibility is of special importance to what Adams defines as the dandy as well as the Carlylean