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Steven Brooke, Dafne Accoroni, Olga Ulturgasheva, Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, Eugenia Roussou, Francesco Vacchiano, Jeffrey D. Howison, Susan Greenwood, Yvonne Daniel, Joana Bahia, Gloria Goodwin Raheja, Charles Lincoln Vaughan, Katrien Pype, and Linda van de Kamp

technology, such as videos and the Internet, ‘mediate’, that is, shape and are shaped by, Santería’s ‘co-presences’, sometimes inducing people to get possessed through them. An apparent division between attending a ritual and watching a video of it

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The Draconian Governance of Illegalized Migrants in Western States

Barak Kalir

sealing of borders against applications for asylum [and] makes obvious the need to control the movement of people ‘out of place,’ and thus acts to naturalize technologies of power like the refugee camp, the transit camp, the screening or reception center

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Abhishek Choudhary, Rhys Machold, Ricardo Cardoso, Andreas Hackl, Martha Lagace, and Carly Machado

. The Privatization of Israeli Security also importantly challenges the official rationalizations of Israeli security policy interventions, technologies, and practices as generally successful. In all these respects, the book usefully textures and

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Mirjam de Bruijn

unconsciously. How do people live such a life in duress (de Bruijn and Both, this issue)? In this article, I research the relationship between living in duress, social media and information and communication technologies (ICTs), and the political agency of

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Finbarr Barry Flood and Jaś Elsner

early-twentieth centuries, for example, reformist Muslims, including those who identified themselves as Salafis, mobilized against relic and shrine veneration. In response, supporters of both harnessed new technologies such as lithography and photography

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Ritual Tattooing and the Creation of New Buddhist Identities

An Inquiry into the Initiation Process in a Burmese Organization of Exorcists

Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière

diagrams, known in the literature as yantras, are widespread in the form of tattoos in Buddhist Southeast Asia as a technology to harness the potency embedded in the Buddha’s words ( Becchetti 1991 ; Bizot and von Hinüber 1994 ; Eisenbruch 1992 ; Turton

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Erin R. Eldridge

proactive responses from regulatory agencies, Sidney Shapiro and colleagues (2009) argue, is the result of political interference, laws or standards based on outdated studies or technologies, funding cuts, and a resulting demoralized workforce. The impacts

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Religious Tourism

Analytical Routes through Multiple Meanings

Emerson Giumbelli

Translator : Jeffrey Hoff

with regard to destinations, technologies of travel, and motivations, we are tempted to desist from producing distinctions. On the other hand, it is easy to find how these categories—religion and tourism—are part of the discourses of agents who

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Liminality and Missing Persons

Encountering the Missing in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina

Laura Huttunen

tensions between families and the state as the rightful mourners of the missing ( Sant Cassia 2005 ; see also Petrović-Šteger 2009 ), and I will follow the new technologies of identification as a practice of refixing social identity to mortal remains

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The Generative Power of Political Emotions

Mette-Louise Johansen, Therese Sandrup, and Nerina Weiss

value transgression. Nerina Weiss (in this section), for example, shows how the moral outrage expressed by pro-Kurdish activists in Norway is part of an intergenerational history of suffering, and an affective technology of diaspora politics. In the