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Invisible labour

Do we need to reoccupy student engagement policy?

Sarah Hayes

ideas may be across many elements of communicative behaviour. In previous research, I have examined policy statements that draw attention to an additional form of ‘value’ that the use of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) is expected to yield ( Hayes

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Belonging in a New Myanmar

Identity, Law, and Gender in the Anthropology of Contemporary Buddhism

Juliane Schober

social formations that have drawn upon manuscript and print technologies. In his recent essay, “Contemporary Burmese Buddhism,” Niklas Foxeus (2016) asserts that modern projects are informed by how they encounter genealogies of the past. He identifies

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Paolo Motta

agglomerations. Finally it examines the revitalization of minor cities and smaller settlements that have taken advantage of the opportunities represented by new technologies and large connectivity infrastructures. First, I consider the exponential growth of the

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Le Rallye Méditerranée-le Cap

Racing towards Eurafrica?

Megan Brown

roadways a less imperative, or even unnecessary, means of exerting imperial might. New technologies, particularly improved air travel, erased the necessity of direct access to African territory that was at the heart of the rally's ideology. Second, the

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Digital Activism, Physical Activism

Malta’s Front Harsien ODZ

Michael Briguglio

questions, I employ two principal methods. Specifically, I use interviews with Front activists and participant observation from an insider’s point of view. I draw on sociological literature on information communication technologies and movements, social

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Pamela McElwee

one article to propose the idea of “measurementality” as an important part of governmentality of the environment ( Turnhout, Neves-Graça et al. 2014 ). Similar to Foucault’s interest in conduct and calculation, scholars in science and technology

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The Power of Silence

Sonic Experiences of Police Operations and Occupations in Rio de Janeiro's Favelas

Sterre Gilsing

take shape. In this article, I discuss how police actions in favelas produce social hierarchies through sound and silence. Sound is a technology of power. The powerful use sound to divide the population into different groups, and this happens along

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Spatializing Radical Political Imaginaries

Neoliberalism, Crisis, and Transformative Experience in the Syntagma Square Occupation in Greece

Dimitris Soudias

), seeing a unity between the (abstract) imaginative, the (concrete) material, and the social ( Martin and Miller 2003 ). Squares and streets have been conceived —that is, designed and planned—by experts through labor, technology, and institutions. The ways

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Private Politics in the Garden of England

An Atypical Case of Anti–Wind Farm Contention

Matthew Ogilvie

Acceptance of Renewable Energy Technologies: A Critical Review .” In Delivering a Low Carbon Electricity System: Technologies, Economics and Policy , ed. Michael Grubb , Tooraj Jamasb , and Michael Pollitt , 443 – 461 . Cambridge : Cambridge

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Fabian Frenzel

technologies (ICTs) ( Diani 2000 ; Frenzel et al. 2014 ). Global solidarities have for some time operated on mediated levels, but the spread and reach of ICTs has increased this ( Featherstone 2012 ). At the same time, face-to-face experiences remain a crucial