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The Representation of Childhood in Ethnographic Films of Siberian Indigenous Peoples

The Case of the Documentary Film Malen’kaia Katerina (Tiny Katerina)

Ivan Golovnev and Elena Golovneva

Translator : Jenanne Ferguson

presence of the crew and their technology and the process of filming as possible. According to MacDougall (2006: 4), “cameras” may be different; they may respond, interact, or construct. The difference in work methods is determined by the difference in

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Evenki Adolescents’ Identities

Negotiating the Modern and the Traditional in Educational Settings

Svetlana Huusko

assimilation, and the meeting and mixing of different cultural forms. I view cultures as dynamic complexes, recognizing that people live locally in shared and often globalized living conditions, have shared state institutions, and use contemporary technologies

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Tatiana Argounova-Low, Oxana Zemtsova, and Anna Bara

archival “disciplinary technology” (203) locks away these images from the audience, stripping them from their agency. But, as the author points out, it is about the future for “the archive is not about the past; it is about the future, or rather, it

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Regenerating Life in the Face of Predation

A Study of Mortuary Ritual as Sacrifice among the Siberian Chukchi

Jeanette Lykkegård and Rane Willerslev

; Viveiros de Castro 1998 ), Chukchi clothing is not simply a garment to cover the body. Instead, it “ is the body” ( Viveiros de Castro 1998: 482 ). It is effectively a collection of assistive technology by which the deceased can carry out particular

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Roads versus Rivers

Two Systems of Spatial Structuring in Northern Russia and Their Effects on Local Inhabitants

Kirill V. Istomin

. “ Satellite Culture: Global Positioning Systems, Inuit Wayfinding, and the Need for a New Account of Technology .” Current Anthropology 46 ( 5 ): 729 – 753 . 10.1086/432651 Argounova-Low , Tatiana . 2012 . “ Narrating the Road .” Landscape Research

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Tero Mustonen, Sergei V. Sokolovskiy, Hugh Beach, and Jessica Kantarovich

Nenets, Saami, Komi, and Chukchi mobilities and adaptations follows. Golovnev comments as well on the impact of new technologies such as new types of transport, GPS navigation, smartphones, and computers and suggests a research methodology (daily GPS

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Tatiana Vagramenko

modern future. They sought to help them to make a leap forward into the new stage and new time, implanting different rhythms, technologies, and representations of time. Hence, cultural difference was not only spatialized but temporalized—a society located

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Lamazhaa Chimiza

Internet does not solve this problem, as often local researchers do not have experience in using information technology. Furthermore, “internal” Tuvan studies are distinguished by the prevalent number of applied works, which do not seek to reach the level

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A Visitor's Guide to Shamans and Shamanism

The Kunstkamera's Russian and Asian Ethnographic Collections in the Late Imperial Era

Marisa Karyl Franz

Consequences , Inside Technology (Cambridge: MIT Press, 1999), 10. 9 Catherine A. Nichols, “The Smithsonian Institution's ‘Greatest Treasures’: Valuing Museum Objects in the Specimen Exchange Industry,” Museum Anthropology 41, no. 1 (1 March 2018): 13

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Konstantin Klokov

human resources. Additionally, technology and labor in the forms of equipment, veterinary and livestock experts, labor organization, forced out or replaced traditional practices, knowledge, and traditional migration patterns. The history of the