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Scott Gunther

in innovative, creative fields, especially in fashion, media, or technology. “They have jobs in the ‘knowledge economy,’ in media, in dot-coms.” (Louis) “They work in creative fields, in communication, new technologies.” (François) “They’re in

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Sophie Meunier

, is France a necessary component of any diplomatic, military or economic solution to the world’s most intractable problems, a passage obligé for reform in the European Union (EU), an indispensable producer of technology and knowledge, and a cultural

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Suzanne Berger

’s Voters and the Decline of American Manufacturing,” Issues in Science and Technology (Summer 2016), 27. 9 A right-on-the mark conclusion I borrow from Bonvillian’s article. 10 David Autor, David Dorn, Gordon Hanson, and Kaveh Majlesi, “Importing

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Aaron Freundschuh, Jonah D. Levy, Patricia Lorcin, Alexis Spire, Steven Zdatny, Caroline Ford, Minayo Nasiali, George Ross, William Poulin-Deltour, and Kathryn Kleppinger

. In the years of postwar growth, the firm advertised well and invested intelligently in research and innovation, particularly in quartz and electronic technologies. Occupation of the factory in May 1968 in sympathy with the student rebellion was an

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Patrick Young, David Looseley, Elayne Oliphant, and Kolja Lindner

breach in the city’s fortifications that might lead to the same outcome. The development of more accurate long-range artillery technologies allowed Prussian troops to shell the city—including its civilian population and most venerable cultural landmarks

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Les journaux francophones au dix-neuviéme siécle

Entre enjeux locaux et perspective globale

Guillaume Pinson

tournée vers l’information, adoptant les protocoles standardisés des nouvelles, et jusqu’à la généralisation des technologies et procédés modernes de circulation de l’information (télégraphe, dépêches d’agences, câble sous-marin, téléphones, etc.) qui n

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Think Global, Fight Local

Recontextualizing the French Army in Algeria, 1954–1962

Terrence G. Peterson

of partisan warfare and new technologies that had defined World War II. 35 The crushing defeat at Dien Bien Phu, the disastrous campaign in the Suez, and the spiraling guerilla war in North Africa all reinforced a growing sense of strategic crisis

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The Color of French Wine

Southern Wine Producers Respond to Competition from the Algerian Wine Industry in the Early Third Republic

Elizabeth Heath

and imperialism further intensified this mass movement of people and interlacing of communities, while new technologies encouraged novel experiments with agricultural products and the rise of an international trade in wheat and grain, refrigerated beef

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The Other House

The Secondary Residence in Postwar France

Sarah Farmer

of modern life in a setting that was not designed to receive them. 80 His response was summarized in the motto: “modernize: yes; denature: no.” Moreover, good taste consisted of obscuring any view of modern materials and technology. To this end

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Trying on the Veil

Sexual Autonomy and the End of the French Republic in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

Seth Armus

seems to be making a point of this—between 2015 and 2022 nothing is changed, not mobile phone technology, not even the available powertrains on the Volkswagen Touareg. Houellebecq, Submission , 102. 5 This controversy is nicely captured in Grégoire