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Reversing the world—What austerity does to time and place

Theodoros Rakopoulos

del mundo al revés . Mexico City : Siglo XXI Editores . Trans. Mark Fried as Upside down: A primer for the looking-glass world (New York: Picador, 2001 ). Goddard , Victoria . 2018 . “ Debt, vultures and austerity in Argentina .” In

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Gabriela Kiliánová, Rūta Muktupāvela, Philip McDermott, Marion Demossier, Alessandro Testa, Alastair McIntosh, and Thomas M. Wilson

in sight and, hence, nobody to function as an intermediate. So I gathered some courage and decided to go and introduce myself. He looked puzzled and slightly annoyed at first – I guess that's the look experienced scholars must assume when addressed by

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Gazing at Medusa

Adaptation as Phallocentric Appropriation in Blue Is the Warmest Color

Marion Krauthaker and Roy Connolly

penetrating blue eye and her elusive yet confident smile introduce her as subject of the look and as a mysterious and self-assured woman. This androgynous depiction goes against representations of female features traditionally associated with rounder shapes

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What Would I Do with Lacan Today?

Thoughts on Sartre, Lacan, and Contemporary Psychoanalysis

Betty Cannon

’s use of Sartrean concepts (desire as lack of being, the look or gaze of the other, the ego as illusory object rather than subject), even if, in contrast to Sartre, he takes them in the direction of postmodernism. The question I ask myself in looking

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The Merchant ON Venice [Boulevard, Los Angeles], Chicago, 2007

Universalizing Shakespeare’s Play after the Holocaust

Michael Shapiro

gun’ 21 and eliminates bleeding by cauterizing as it cuts. Having now won the case, he cannot bring himself to perform the act and so drops the cautery ‘as the look of hatred [is] gone from his eyes’. 22 But just before he does so, one of the Hindus

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Coda — Pandemic Brexit

Cancelling the Political Future

Bill Schwarz

recover, and no end is in sight. We need only recall the look of startled panic of Johnson and Gove on the morrow of the referendum, discovering that they had actually won and that the job of governing lay ahead. For enthusiasts and skeptics alike, the

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For a Synaesthetics of Seeing

Naisargi N. Dave

Rivera calls a type of seeing that is ‘literally – a palpation with the look’ (2015: 76). The touch is between him and the cat. But everyone has touched the cat. References Buck-Morss , S. 2015 . ‘ Aesthetics and Anaesthetics ’. Susan Buck

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Zooming in on COVID

The Intimacies of Screens, Homes and Learning Hierarchies

Adam Roth, Niroshnee Ranjan, Grace King, Shamim Homayun, Rebecca Hendershott, and Simone Dennis

-year anthropology, we argue that the traditional philosophical position, that assumes that the bearer of the look is separated from others and from things, bears critical inspection. We suggest that screens do not necessarily restrict us to operating with one

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Play of Mirrors

An Encounter of Personal Biographies with Europe’s Journey

Marcos Farias Ferreira

that meeting in the following terms: a generation facing itself through the looking glass. It is partly the product of retrospection, but when I look back I see young people deeply interested in the other and capable of relating to the other’s loves

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Counter-Violence and Islamic Terrorism

Is Liberation without Freedom Possible?

Maria Russo

any means possible but cannot avoid the fact that the totality of the means contradicts the end itself. 28 If the oppressed vacillate between the interiorization of the look of the Other and the perception of their own ontological freedom, then the