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Austrian “Gypsies” in the Italian archives

Historical ethnography on multiple border crossings at the beginning of the twentieth century

Paola Trevisan

stigmatization of Romani families in interwar western Europe .” Quaderni Storici 146 ( 2 ): 499 – 531 . About , Ilsen . 2017 . “ Moving Roma away from the borders: Scope, failure and effect of a European conference to solve the ‘Gypsy question’ in the 1900

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Commitment, Convergence, Alterity

Muslim-Christian Comparison and the Politics of Distinction in the Netherlands

Daan Beekers

Evangelical Christians and reformist Muslims constitute two of the most prominent religious groups in the Netherlands, as in much of Western Europe. While the public role of mainline Christian institutions and the degree of regular church attendance

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Michael Connors Jackman and Adeel Khan

Western European contexts, for their framing of reproductive issues such as abortion, in vitro fertilisation and surrogacy as matters of individual choice. Instead, she calls for a broader recognition of the social conditions that frame decision

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“They don’t even know how to copy”

The discourse on originality in Albania’s art world

Sofia Kalo

producers continue to experience a lack of contemporaneity with the rest of (Western) Europe. In this context, the discourse on originality functions as a mechanism of inclusion that artists use to push each other’s work beyond the margins and into the

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Jaro Stacul

German. Although Gdańsk was incorporated into the Kingdom of Poland in 1466, it was not completely subordinated to the Polish crown. Gdańsk’s economic prosperity was based on its monopoly on Polish corn, wood, and the export of pitch to Western Europe

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Putting-out’s return

Informalization and differential subsumption in Thailand’s garment sector

Stephen Campbell

industrialization, with the peasantry “freed” of means of production and “free” to sell their labor power to the employer of their choice ( Marx [1867] 1976: 278 ). A relic, then, of rather limited Western European provenance, this narrative was subsequently

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Joyful pessimism

Marginality, disengagement, and the doing of nothing

Martin Demant Frederiksen

which a person or a people risk striving” (2). The history of the Republic of Georgia since World War II has been markedly different from that of Western Europe and the United States, not least in terms of the contents of the respective political

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‘We Are Both Diplomats and Traders’

Afghan Transregional Traders Across the Former Soviet Union

Magnus Marsden

food products to precious stones and herbal medicines, and, in Russia and Ukraine especially, Chinese-made low-grade goods) across a range of contexts in Central Asia, Russia, Ukraine and Western Europe ( Marsden 2016 ). These dynamic Afghan trading

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From Crisis to Resistance?

‘Exception’, Neo-liberalism, and Two Voices in the Left

Theodoros Rakopoulos

it entered its sixth year of recession, the country had seen its economy contract by one-fourth ( Lapavitsas 2012 ), the largest crunch any ‘WesternEuropean state has ever experienced during peacetime. It has seen radical structural adjustment in

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Vladimir Arsenyev

Explorer and Researcher of the Tungus-Manchu Peoples and Their Languages

Albina Girfanova

time. He began to meticulously record everything that fell within his field of vision—that is, his observations of the taiga people and how they lived. In Russia and Western Europe at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth