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Hugo Bonin and Aleksandra Konarzewska

Western European countries, for which multiculturalism is a relatively new experience, Central and Eastern Europe were multiethnic, multireligious, and multilingual from the Middle Ages. However, World Wars I and II and their consequences (such as mass

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Valentina Mitkova

texture of her poetry. “Asimvolia” (Asymbolia)—the fifth thematic part of the volume—outlines Miglena Nikolchina's interests in the field of Western European literature and modernism, interpreted through the theoretical optics of Julia Kristeva. 8 The

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The East Side Story of Gender and Feminism

The Hungarian and Czech Cases

Gabriela Dudeková Kováčová

have credibly contested the simplified idea that the region experienced the same processes as Western Europe and the United States, but with a time lag. Such authors’ projections stemmed mainly from their lack of knowledge of the different cultural and

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Valeriy Heyets

strategies to address the imperatives of the transitional period; The “gravity” of Western Europe for Eastern Europe and the region's countries’ prospects to join the European Union; External financial support from international lenders that contributed

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The Making of a Fundamental Value

A History of the Concept of Separation of Church and State in the Netherlands

Mart Rutjes

historical account of these categories, the common timelines of religious-political developments in the Netherlands and other Western European societies are still rather schematic and undifferentiated. They either affirm the importance of the 1960s, perceived

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The Timeline of a Concept

Juan Francisco Fuentes

late nineteenth century the Russian narodniki used terrorism as an instrument to show both the brutality and fragility of tsarism. The proliferation of terrorist groups in Western Europe and Latin America from 1970 onward, many of them with a Maoist

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“The 1990s Wasn't Just a Time of Bandits; We Feminists Were Also Making Mischief!”

Celebrating Twenty Years of Feminist Enlightenment Projects in Tver’

Julie Hemment and Valentina Uspenskaya

group of acquaintances, colleagues, and students in the first wave of independent organizing in Russia during the late Perestroika era (1991). Zhenskii Svet was an unusual project. Inspired both by Western European and Russian histories of feminism, its

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Stefan Nygård and Johan Strang

as between Western/European and non-Western/non-European societies, and drawn attention to the problems involved in using Western/European concepts and theories when describing subaltern realities. Notwithstanding the tendency in postcolonialism to

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Wolfgang Merkel and Jean-Paul Gagnon

’t cope with these different demands. So this is why Huntington, Crozier and Watanuki spoke of an overload crisis of the state specifically regarding the United States, Western Europe, and Japan. What’s quite interesting is that, if you read this

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The Limits of Liberal Democracy

Prospects for Democratizing Democracy

Viviana Asara

( Bovero 2016 ; Bobbio 1984 ). This assumption rested on the principle of the inseparability of rights and on the project of increasing democratization inscribed in many democratic constitutions of the post-Second World War order in Western Europe and in