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Ben Herzog

Law of Return and Affirmative Action .” [In Hebrew.] Law Studies 19 ( 3 ): 683 – 697 . Gans , Chaim . 2006 . “ The Law of Return and Immigration to Israel .” [In Hebrew.] In From Richard Wagner to the Palestinian Right of Return , ed. Chaim

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Professor Anna Stilz and Interviewed by Dr Christine Hobden

reform of society, so income and wealth redistribution, affirmative action, jobs and opportunities, and a more general effort at political and social inclusion? I certainly support structural reform to overcome the legacies of historical injustice, but

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Alexander Weiss

, strongly supported the application of this affirmative action principle to the “untouchable caste,” for which he popularized the term “Dalit” (“broken,” “scattered”). Without positive discrimination, India's massive social and cultural inequality would not

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Communities of Practice at the Cidade do Saber

Plural Citizenship and Social Inclusion in Brazil

Carla Guerrón Montero

exclusive, with few non-whites admitted until recently when affirmative-action quota policies were instituted. The Cidade do Saber ( Instituto Professor Raimundo Pinheiro – City of Knowledge) or CDS reacts to this traditional educational system. It is the

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Mercedes González de la Rocha and Agustín Escobar Latapí

scholarships were extended to include grade 12. The grants increase as students progress in school with females receiving more financial support than males. (This gender differential begins in grade 7 as an affirmative action against gendered differences in

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Anti-social security

The changing contours of the hegemonic field in the twenty-first-century United States

Jeff Maskovsky

social policy, such as affirmative action. Yet, Trump is invested in a different kind of race talk that eschews mention of hyphenated Americans and talk of ethnic whites of past decades, replaced in Trumpism by angry white men and their female accomplices

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Whose Reality Counts?

Emergent Dalitbahujan Anthropologists

Reddi Sekhara Yalamala

. Shah ( 2013 ), ‘ Affirmative Action and Political Economic Transformations: Secondary Education, Indigenous People, and the State in Jharkhand, India ’, Focaal-Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology 65 : 80 – 93 , doi: 10.3167/fcl.2013

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Incipient “commoning” in defense of the public?

Competing varieties of fiscal citizenship in tax- and spending-related direct democracy

Sandra Morgen and Jennifer Erickson

(to achieve racial desegregation), welfare, abortion, affirmative action, undocumented immigrants, and “big government,” crafted and came to the defense of the (racially coded) “hard-working taxpayer” ( Morgen et al. 2010 ; Walsh 2010 ). Images of

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Natural Resources and their Units

Necessary Measures of Resourcefulness in a Norwegian Fruit Landscape

Frida Hastrup

affirmative actions to ensure continued national welfare. What is interesting here with regard to my focus on the units through which to think of resourcefulness is the collapse of concerns on the ‘international agenda’ and the solutions tailored to Norway

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‘Coming To Look Alike’

Materializing Affinity in Japanese Foster and Adoptive Care

Kathryn E. Goldfarb

term ‘kinship technologies’. The artifice implied in the term is intentional: I argue that kinship, even biological kinship, does not emerge ‘naturally’ without affirmative actions. Contingency and the signs that point back to histories of caregiving