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Marcelo Hoffman

antipathy towards the PCF, these thinkers forged their own conceptions of political action through critical reflections on the more general figure of the party. As an integral part of these reflections, Fanon, Foucault and Badiou convey plenty of reasons to

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Ian Mahoney and Tony Kearon

antipathy toward the EU that underpinned it— despite the unquestionable economic benefits to the local region derived from continued EU membership—cannot be simply dismissed as an irrational outburst or product of a supine and media manipulated local

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Clay Clemens

her refugee policy gave her some immunity from attack. Meanwhile, broad antipathy for Donald Trump underscored her global stature, and she continued outpolling any likely spd rival. With support for the Union stabilizing in surveys, in November 2016

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From “De Facto King” to Peasants’ Communes

A Struggle for Representation in the Discourse of the Polish Great Emigration, 1832–1846/48

Piotr Kuligowski

Lambert circle were, in general, characterized by an antipathy to grassroots social institutions. The prince stated that one of the main reasons for the failure of the November Uprising was “clubocracy”—a system in which people organized themselves outside

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Anthropology at the dawn of apartheid

Radcliffe-Brown and Malinowski’s South African engagements, 1919–1934

Isak Niehaus

anger at the Trobrianders ( Malinowski 1967 ). Malinowski developed far greater antipathy toward missionaries, whom he wrote “destroy the native’s joy in life,” than toward the paternalistic administrators of the islands ( Young 2004: 341, 382–390 ). At

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Murray Smith

clearer on both the implied moral stance of a work, as well as the degree to which it adheres to or departs from generic patterns of sympathy, antipathy, empathy, and counterempathy. This point about the importance of our emotional responses to characters

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Tatiana Vagramenko

, and so forth, are the biggest threats for the brotherhood. The brotherhood’s preachers use a distinctly antiprosperity pathos, a message of antipathy to the values and concepts of capitalist culture, expressing rigorous opposition to the market economy

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Selective Empathy

Workers, Colonial Subjects, and the Affective Politics of French Romantic Socialism

Naomi J. Andrews

no one had reminded we Christians that it was the day of the Lord.” 76 Nonetheless, antipathy toward Islam was certainly constitutive, for these French socialists, of Algerians’ otherness, given the centrality of Christian imagery and identifications

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Brendan Rooney, Hanna Kubicka, Carl Plantinga, James Kendrick, and Johannes Riis

“actual” viewers persists and features prominently. Vaage discusses viewers’ online responses, especially when analyzing viewers’ antipathy toward Walter White’s wife, Skyler. She also utilizes and questions her own emotional engagement with the shows she

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Nancy S. Love, Sanford F. Schram, Anthony J. Langlois, Luis Cabrera, and Carol C. Gould

recently had a generalized antipathy toward the global human rights regime ( Langlois 2001 ; see also Gould 257). It also has large populations and communities for whom human rights in not a lingua franca, whose social and cultural traditions are not