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Jodi Dean

no longer seemed the province of capital. They were a commons, available to anyone. State command ceased to have a hold. In “Left-wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder,” Lenin sets out the fundamental law of revolution. He writes: for a

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Ulrike Guérot and Michael Hunklinger

introduction of other, comparable goods from Europe in their supermarkets or to discriminate products by nationality. Today the EU is no longer about equal conditions for goods or capital, but about full equality of rights for European citizens. Now, more

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Alex Lichtenstein

, Morphet observed that ‘in arguing for the establishment of black unions it had not been Turner’s purpose to aid the regulation of the labour-capital conflict […], but to help create a truly rational system of production, in which labour controlled capital

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Book Reviews

On 20th Century Revolutionary Socialism, from Poland to Peru and beyond

Jean-Numa Ducange, Camila Vergara, Talat Ahmed, and Christian Høgsbjerg

process of internationalisation of capital and of social struggles. Then, as a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), she became a leading revolutionary figure who advocated a radical break with capitalism when others were still seeking to

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Against Analogy

Why Analogical Arguments in Support of Workplace Democracy Must Necessarily Fail

Roberto Frega

States – the principle of private property will continue to hold in the broader society, and therefore the separation of property from ownership would entail a violation of the equally fundamental right of owners of capital to decide how their capital is

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Lest We Forget (Matter)

Posthumanism, Memory, and Exclusion

Matthew Howard

European one, seeking to stress that Australia did not exist before European settlement. 3 As such, the focal point of the Anzac Day commemoration in the Australian capital is, itself, complicit in a recurring exclusion of the aboriginal experience from

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Valery B. Ferim

attribute all the problems facing black people in the country to ‘white monopoly capital’ (Politicsweb 2016). Pan-Africanism is thus partly rooted in the inaccurate assumption that all black people share solidarity with the continent. In today’s world, there

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David Owen

et al. 2011 . “ The Financial Cost of Doctors Emigrating from Sub-Saharan Africa: Human Capital Analysis .” . de Bengy Puyvallee Antoine and Sonja Kittelsen . 2019 . “ Disease Knows No Borders: Pandemics

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Ajume H. Wingo

divided into five ‘super states’: Kimit, Kush, Mali, Kongo and Zimbabwe, with the political capital in a place they referred to as Napata, wherever the place is and whatever that means. For instance, Kimit would include Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Egypt

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Marcelo Hoffman

with a crucial instrument in the struggle over power. Worse yet, in so doing, it enables capital to configure power to its liking. With characteristic lucidity, Dean lays out this view: ‘Politics is a struggle over power. Capital uses every resource