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Aro Velmet and Rachel Kantrowitz

the implications of Senghor’s formulation of negritude were for schooling. Rather than foregrounding the colonial capital of Paris, as other scholars have done, Gamble focuses on Senghor’s return to Senegal, opening with a speech Senghor gave in 1937

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The Other House

The Secondary Residence in Postwar France

Sarah Farmer

farmhouse….” 1 Consuming the rural through the purchase or inheritance of a peasant house emerged as a lasting feature of French postwar culture. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the magnetic attraction of Paris had made the capital the most visited city

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The French Empire Goes to San Francisco

The Founding of the United Nations and the Limits of Colonial Reform

Jessica Lynne Pearson

February of 1944, high-ranking officials from France and the empire met in Brazzaville, the capital of French Equatorial Africa, to map out important changes to France's model of colonial governance that would go into effect after the war. Although few

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Michael Miller, Paul V. Dutton, and Laura Hobson Faure

his office over much of the physical and human capital of French preventive and curative health care. Viet’s history makes clear that the health sector underwent the same kind of transformation as industry. The war justified a massive state takeover

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Objects of Dispute

Planning, Discourse, and State Power in Post-War France

Edward Welch

capital’s suburbs. In large part, it is a journey through the urban environments created by post-war planning, and in particular by Delouvrier’s Schéma directeur. Undertaken by François and his companion Anaïk, it begins at Roissy airport, one of the

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Jean-Paul Sartre

The Russian Teatr Interviews of 1956 and 1962

Dennis A. Gilbert and Diana L. Burgin

nineteenth century, Paris took on the typical profile of a capitalist city. Increased rent for apartments forced workers into outlying regions; theaters and trade in luxury items became concentrated in the center of the capital. Today, a worker who might

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Sophie Meunier

, there are exceptions—individuals whose ideas have inspired others and academic fields where French scholars excel around the world. The most famous French intellectual right now is the rockstar economist Thomas Piketty. His opus Capital in the Twenty

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Patricia Mainardi

cultural capital to those not fortunate enough to have inherited it. The word pittoresque in the title of the periodical also carried a double meaning. Charton explained the differences between the French and English use of the term: “In England they

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Rapping French Cities in the 1990s

Blurring Marseille and Brightening Paris in Contested Processes of Boundary Making

Joseph Downing

boundaries, symbols, and conflicts of localities and how rap artists portray them in different cities. Nor have scholars done enough to draw out the contrasts between Paris and Marseille as centers of rap. Whereas Paris, as France's capital and cultural

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Frédéric Sawicki

communication. By conquering office, the PS also gained access to new resources. Some of these resources were transparent, such as opinion polls run by public agencies, permanent access to the media as office-holders, and the political capital that came with