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The Meanings of the Move?

From “Predicaments of Mobility” to “Potentialities in Displacement”

Stephen C. Lubkemann

least some classes of social actors, in ways that profoundly shaped the meaning and organization of movement itself by migrants and other warscape inhabitants. By brief way of background, Liberia’s descent into political turmoil began in 1980, not long

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Exceptionalism and Necropolitical Security Dynamics in Olympic Rio de Janeiro

Margit Ystanes and Tomas Salem

gendered state practices associated with the mega-events, including policing practices, forced evictions, and demobilization of local activism, to explore how the governing classes conceptualize Brazilian society. In particular, we analyze how these

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Leyla Neyzi, Nida Alahmad, Nina Gren, Martha Lagace, Chelsey Ancliffe, and Susanne Bregnbæk

anthropology as never before. The book is based on ethnographic fieldwork conducted by Salih Can Açıksöz in Istanbul between 2005 and 2008 with working-class, disabled veterans of the Kurdish conflict. The preface powerfully expresses the quandaries of a

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Amanda J. Reinke

. For the skeptics, the creation and maintenance of an educated elite class of conflict resolvers and its associated paperwork, fee structures, and time requirements mirrors the formal legal system and thus allows structural violence to become embedded

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Eluding the Esculacho

A Masculinities Perspective on the Enduring Warrior Ethos of Rio de Janeiro's Police

Celina Myrann Sørbøe

social and historical contexts ( Connell 1995 ). Further, any form of masculinity is always intersecting with race, class, sexual orientation, and so on ( Shields 2008 ). Thus, gender is not an individual attribute but an emergent property of social

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The Dialectics of Displacement and Emplacement

Henrik Vigh and Jesper Bjarnesen

serves to clarify and underline some of the less fruitful aspects of mobility theory as such. Part of the emphasis in mobility studies has, recently, been on quantitative degrees of mobility as indicative of stratifications or class formations. The more

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Made in Nigeria

Duress and Upwardly Mobile Youth in the Biography of a Young Entrepreneur in Enugu

Inge Ligtvoet

middle-class lives? How does it affect them? Focusing on Nigeria, I argue that, even though their experience with the absent state and corruption is different than for the most vulnerable people, young, upwardly mobile people in southeast Nigeria do live

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Steven Brooke, Dafne Accoroni, Olga Ulturgasheva, Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, Eugenia Roussou, Francesco Vacchiano, Jeffrey D. Howison, Susan Greenwood, Yvonne Daniel, Joana Bahia, Gloria Goodwin Raheja, Charles Lincoln Vaughan, Katrien Pype, and Linda van de Kamp

metropolitan France among labor migrants in Paris, Lyon, and Marseille. Lyautey feared the formation of a proletarian class and called for a ‘women for women’ project. This was designed to give female colonial agents, that is, doctors and social workers

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Ethnographic Engagement with Bureaucratic Violence

Erin R. Eldridge and Amanda J. Reinke

, class politics, and the fusion of public and private ( Graeber 2015 ; Graeber et al. 2015 ). In response to this call, this collection of articles utilizes ethnographic inquiry and methodology to contribute to the growing literature on bureaucratic

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Post-Conflict Dynamics in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Identities, Nationalization, and Missing Bodies

Katerina Seraïdari

: 141) points out that “The involvement of women in resistance and war often represents an opening in the political system, an opportunity for women to become a conscious political class with new access to the public sphere and all its attendant power