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Creating the People as ‘One’?

On Democracy and Its Other

Marta Nunes da Costa

French republican values. Communitarianism became a problem that is now exacerbated by the increasing flux of migration and refugees. Indeed, according to the Front National , ‘la politique communautariste en vient à nier les principes fondamentaux de la

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Social Quality

Regaining Political Economy

Peter Herrmann

and nationalism, xenophobia but also technophobia, and romanticist new-age communitarianism and other forms of anomy are typical manifestations of such unbalanced developments. We should also accept that development to a “higher stage” is ambivalent

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A Dignified Meal

Negotiated Spaces in India’s School Meal Program

Sony Pellissery, Sattwick Dey Biswas, and Biju Abraham

women as cooks. In one village in the state of Karnataka, upper-caste students and parents 8 boycotted the village school and food, claiming that the food, which was cooked by lower-caste women, was unhygienic. The clash of this dominant communitarian

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Boris Maslov

of fundamental importance for not only the German but also the Russian nationalist discourse, prone to denouncing the excesses of Western individualism. 61 The communitarian ideal can even be seen to underlie the Marxist notion of freedom as

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Public Evaluation of Society in China

The Social Quality Approach

Ren Liying and Zou Yuchin

theoretical movement was a turning point to direct the studies from utopia to the good society. There were mainly two schools of thought: communitarianism, which emphasizes morals cultivated in families, schools, and communities ( Etzioni 2001 ); and neo

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A Critique of Liberal Universalism

The Concept of Secular Philosophical Grounding

Jaan S. Islam

. Misak , C. 2002 . Truth, Politics, Morality: Pragmatism and Deliberation . London : Routledge . 10.4324/9780203162286 Mughal , A. H. , M. R. Islam , G. M. Zatzman and J. S. Islam . 2016 . ‘ A Communitarian Alternative Solution to the

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The Social Consequences of Brexit for the UK and Europe

Euroscepticism, Populism, Nationalism, and Societal Division

Steve Corbett

”) and socially liberal rhetoric (“hug a hoodie,” “compassionate conservatism”), including the much vaunted “big society” idea, which dusted off appeals to an imagined conservative communitarianism of the postwar One Nation Tory type, while seeking to

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The Timeline of a Concept

Juan Francisco Fuentes

, us and them, and the illusion of a whole unity within the movement in accordance with a communitarian conception of politics. This characteristic aspect of populist rhetoric served to stress the opposition to the outside world, viewed as hostile and

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Bridging the Political Gaps

The Interdiscursive Qualities of Political Romanticism in the Weimar Republic

Christian E. Roques

present case, highly contradictory ideas have been defined as being at the center of political romanticism : direct democracy as well as totalitarian dictatorship, absolute individualism as well as absolute communitarianism . 20 Within that logic, one

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A Negative Theory of Justice

Towards a Critical Theory of Power Relations

Leonard Mazzone

. By revisiting the Hegelian category of recognition, Axel Honneth has tried to overcome the dead ends of the debate between liberals and communitarians about the priority to be given to the concept of ‘right’ or ‘good’. 15 In order to overcome the