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Confronting Tyranny in a Public Health Agency

Crafting a ‘Philosophy of Praxis’ into a ‘Community of Resistance’

Brian McKenna

truths, even the unpleasant ones, and in avoiding the impossible deceptions of the upper class, and even more their own. (Antonio Gramsci, quoted in Peter Thomas 2009: 291 ) My critical ethnography of a governmental health department permitted me to

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Karen Fiss

” or “masquerading” as boys when committing their alleged crimes. The problematic collapse of “nondisclosure” and “active deception” reiterates common misrepresentations of transgender identity, yet has formed the core of the legal interpretations that

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John of Lancaster’s Negotiation with the Rebels in 2 Henry IV

Fifteenth-Century Northern England as Sixteenth-Century Ireland

Jane Yeang Chui Wong

representatives and the Irish confederacy as a result of a long history of broken promises, dissimulation and outright deception. In his letter of submission, O’Neill admits that he has repeatedly broken oaths of loyalty to the crown. Nonetheless, he hopes that

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Teppo Eskelinen

itself and its political influence. Also, what has been shown by the latest crises is that the financial market can originate risks by ‘financial innovation’, deception and an over-expansion of this market. This leads the object of study of normative

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Lenience in Systems of Religious Meaning and Practice

Maya Mayblin and Diego Malara

seriously, argues Keane, would not mean taking people only at face value and resting content with an account of subjectivities; it would mean thinking “dispassionately about the sources and consequences of self-deception, blindness, and distortions” (ibid

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Overconsumption as Ideology

Implications for Addressing Global Climate Change

Diana Stuart, Ryan Gunderson, and Brian Petersen

consumer celebrities, displaying “enthusiasm for a given product, supported and spread by all the media of communication.” The line of one-way communication through advertising becomes a force of widespread deception, where “every new lie of advertising is

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Sociality, Seriousness, and Cynicism

A Response to Ronald Santoni on Bad Faith

Jonathan Webber

Project of Bad Faith Sartre famously contends that bad faith is a form of self-deception but cannot be ‘a cynical lie’ ( BN , 113). He argues that ‘if I deliberately and cynically attempt to lie to myself, I must completely fail in this undertaking

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A Transtextual Hermeneutic Journey

Horst Rosenthal's Mickey au camp de Gurs (1942)

Yaakova Sacerdoti

and security to control their situation and the reality of their victimhood. Though blind and naive, the victims are alazons who do not inspire disgust or antipathy. Unlike those on the other side of the divide, their self-deception leads readers to

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Marie Jaisson

demandes incessantes et pressantes finirent par agacer le directeur du BIT qui était très réservé vis-à-vis de projets gouvernés par une conception sociologique très critique quant à l’usage des statistiques. Sous l’empire de la déception, Duprat reprocha

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Malcolm Turvey

intention to perpetuate Wakanda's isolationism and deception. However, he is challenged by his cousin, a powerful and ruthless warrior named Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), who believes vibranium should be sent all over the world to arm Black people to fight