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Blaming in the Boom and Bust

Greed Accusations in an Australian Coal Mining Town

Kari Dahlgren

potential losses of employment through climate action. This representation, however, is countered by locals who maintain a strong connection to the labour of mining and their emplaced community and who blame speculators like Kate Maloney for their increased

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Ksenia Gavrilova

–urban migration pattern of the Russian regions: a chance to complete one’s education in a larger city is still perceived as a prerequisite for future employment and economic security (Babaian and Liubimova 2015; Glendinning et al. 2004: 37–41 ; Habeck 2009: 199

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Financialization from the margins

Notes on the incorporation of Argentina's subproletariat into consumer credit (2009–2015)

Hadrien Saiag

instruments gave rise to a new form of exploitation that is based on the mismatch between the erratic time of work and the monthly based time of finance, and affects those with unstable employment the most. The conclusion opens new avenues to overturn the

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Larisa Carranza

precarity and low-wage employment. Thus, Tuckett not only examines how migrants differentiate between what policies and governments say versus what they do but also points out problematic frameworks that academia place on groups without further examining the

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Rethinking the class politics of boredom

Marguerite van den Berg and Bruce O’Neill

features of the postcrisis economy in which precarization is normalized ( Lorey 2015 ). Rather than previous economies’ aims for full employment, in which work for many was more or less continuous, activity and inactivity are, following the recession

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Freeing the ‘Aboriginal Individual’

Deconstructing ‘Development as Freedom’ in Remote Indigenous Australia

Hannah Bulloch and William Fogarty

greatest. In policy and colloquial parlance, these small townships are referred to as ‘remote communities’. 3 As the term ‘remote’ suggests, many of these communities are distant from markets, employment opportunities, state services, and infrastructure

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Denunciations of dependence

Race, gender, and the double bind of domestic work in the Eastern Cape

Lotte Danielsen

capitalist expansion where, he argues, ranked labor relationships provided sources of recognition and belonging. Observing people in contemporary South Africa who virtually beg people for employment, he argues that they seek out similar hierarchical

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Battlegrounds of dependence

Reconfiguring labor, kinship and relational obligation

Keir Martin, Ståle Wig, and Sylvia Yanagisako

unimportant. The conceptual distinction between wage labor and kinship is central to contestations over obligation and dependence, as illustrated in the battles over the nature of employment between white business owners and black workers detailed in Lotte

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Soft skills, hard rocks

Making diamonds ethical in Canada’s Northwest Territories

Lindsay A. Bell

employment came to participate in the production of diamonds’ ethical sign value. According to the training program developers, many people were not accessing work because they lacked the “right attitude.” 1 As will become clear, demonstrating the right

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Imagined individuality

Cultivating separated personhood in Cuba and beyond

Ståle Wig

wave of reforms, which recognized private self-employment as “one more alternative” for legitimate labor ( Castro 2010 ). Entrepreneurs were now allowed to hire others, paving a cautious way for the growth of small- and medium-sized businesses. However