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Visualising Resilience

Joe Sacco’s Safe Area Goražde

Pramod K. Nayar

employment, wages, medical care and social welfare mechanisms in general. There is no currency, no painkiller and no tobacco. Sacco's insistence on the eroded materiality of their lives might be read in terms of imminent disaster and the identification of the

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David Hawkes

, and as the gold standard did until the early twentieth century. The semiotic role of the gold standard was subjected to a remarkably perspicuous, but hitherto little-known analysis by T. S. Eliot, during his employment by Lloyds Bank. Like Marx, Eliot

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Pity Silenced

Economies of Mercy in The Merchant of Venice

Alessandra Marzola

(Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007). For insights into Shakespeare’s employment of both Catholic and post-Reformation views of the Marian cult, see Ruben Espinosa, Masculinity and Marian Efficacy in Shakespeare’s England (London: Routledge, 2016). 20 Espinosa

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A Hybrid New World… or Not?

Transformation versus Hybridisation in Early Modern World

Fatima Essadek

numbers to pray in the mosques and ‘those that are negligent or careless in coming to Prayer, are taken notice of, and if they have been formerly Christians, they are excluded from all hopes of Employment, and at the least offence severely treated’. 21

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“Such a Poor Finish”

Illegitimacy, Murder, and War Veterans in England, 1918-1923

Ginger S. Frost

Archibald had never contributed to the support of his son. And his claim of having no hope of employment was also not entirely true. He refused sixpence to clean his aunt’s windows; in addition, Mrs. Adams gave him money twice to buy flowers to resell, “but

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In the Eyes of Some Britons

Aleppo, an Enlightenment City

Mohammad Sakhnini

in the city were allowed to worship freely. “It is our first employment every morning to solemnize the dayly service of the church; at which I am sure to have always a devout, a regular, and full of congregation,” Maundrell wrote. “In a word, I can

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“Give Me Back My Son!”

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Emotion Talk, and the Gendering of Political Rhetoric

Linda E. Mitchell

interests—and those of the captured King Richard—on the basis of the longstanding loyalty of the English Crown in general and the family of Henry FitzEmpress in particular. These two letters mark the heights of the sophisticated and diplomatic employment of

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Nicole Hudgins

, describing Reims in 1915 as the “ ville martyre ” (a common epithet), said that the city “continued to be, literally, massacred.” 34 Léaud’s employment of “literally” was itself a metaphor projecting the human death and mutilation he witnessed at the front

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Matthew Eshleman

typically do not include traditional benefits of fulltime, standard employment). On this last point, see Lawrence Katz and Alan Kruger, “The Rise and Nature of Alternative Work Arrangements in the United States, 1995-2015,” https

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Among Cannibals and Headhunters

Jack London in Melanesia

Keith Newlin

colonial labor practices. Labor recruiting before the turn of century focused on recruiting laborers for Fiji and Queensland sugar fields, leading to population declines and employment of coastal dwellers as middlemen, who facilitated the acquisition of