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Michele Barker

can be precisely mapped. To measure time is to measure intervals across a specified distance. Yet our experience of time, and in time, comprises transitions and intervals between the intervals. Something is left out that is always “in” time as

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Liesbeth Schoonheim

favour of it because it intimates the subject's experience of time. 21 Kirkpatrick shares Beauvoir's notion of the subject as becoming, and thus also develops a linear plot. Nelson, on the other hand, structures her text around paragraphs rather than

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Harriet Kennedy, Elizabeth (Biz) Nijdam, Logan Labrune, and Chris Reyns-Chikuma

experience of time is led by the creator’s own decisions about how full or not to make a page, Chute makes a convincing case for the unique possibilities of comics to bear effective witness to the events of war. Chute’s book is not only the ideal introduction

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“Eyes Shut, Muted Voices”

Narrating and Temporalizing the Post–Civil War Era through a Monument

Dimitra Gefou-Madianou

, but also as temporalities. As a result, past, present, and future events have been temporalized, transforming the monument from a stable and durable object into a hybrid entity that brings to the fore unconventional histories and experiences of time

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Can Time Be Tricked?

A Theoretical Introduction

Felix Ringel

; Borofsky 1997 ). Howe’s and Borofsky’s accounts respectively seem to imply that the construction as well as the personal experience of time remain an epistemic and thereby a much more flexible issue. Throughout the 1990s, the anthropology of time

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Abhishek Choudhary, Rhys Machold, Ricardo Cardoso, Andreas Hackl, Martha Lagace, and Carly Machado

explaining as best anyone could, I think, how pace, rhythm, and unpredictability—and the “punctuated experience of time” (262)—are invisible, confusing forces in Sierra Leone and Africa more widely. Rumors are a prominent topic in scholarship on conflict

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Victor Jeleniewski Seidler

Amalek remains so present is because the Jewish experience of time is complex. On the one hand, Jewish time is teleological: moving from the past towards the future, the messianic days of wholeness, peace and justice as envisioned by the prophets. On the

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Repaying the Debts of the Dead

Kinship, Microfinance, and Mortuary Practice on the Paraguayan Frontier

Caroline E. Schuster

organized in mortuary practices in their classic collection on ‘death and the regeneration of life’. There, they suggest that death holds together two different experiences of time: “time as repetitive and time as irreversible duration” (ibid.). Cycles of

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Nighttime Navigating

Moving a Container Ship through Darkness

Maria Borovnik

times; and their inner voices as dutiful contributors to their families. I explore in this following section how the experience of time is related to, and resonates with, the seafarers’ experiences during night operations. Even though a vessel might

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Joyful pessimism

Marginality, disengagement, and the doing of nothing

Martin Demant Frederiksen

Schütz’s phenomenology of subjective time, I aimed to show how tensions between individual experiences of time and societal ideas of time partook in creating feelings of marginality and sensations of boredom among the young men among whom I was conducting