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Jodi Dean

signs said that fear was the real virus, that COVID-19 was a “test run at socialism.” On April 30 armed white demonstrators were allowed to enter the Michigan state house. Some on the far right, including the US president, politicized masks. From the

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The Democracy of Everyday Life in Disaster

Holding Our Lives in Their Hands

Nancy L. Rosenblum

initial reactions to eerie invisible contamination. Above all, deadly unseen contamination strikes fear. The significance of home is magnified. It is a comparatively safe place from contamination and at the same time neighbors constitute a threat

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Pan-African Linguistic and Cultural Unity

A Basis For pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance

Simphiwe Sesanti

language ( wa Thiong’o 1993: 41 ). While the call for an African continental language is both revolutionary and noble, the fear of linguistic domination of one ethnic group by another should not be underestimated. In a recent informal conversation (2017

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Something Gleaming

Exemplary Resistance and the Shadows of Complicity

Bronwyn Leebaw

unwilling to challenge corrupt politicians’ (2004). The stigmatisation of those who question political authorities reinforces an atmosphere of fear and passivity, observes Broz, and prevents people from taking steps to hold leaders accountable for abuse and

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Patrick Cockburn

of Eduardo Peñalver and Sonia Katyal (2010) , is that the fear of ‘need’ as a point of reference in legal reasoning about property is misplaced. What courts have denied in principle – that need matters – they have repeatedly supported in practice

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Virile Resistance and Servile Collaboration

Interrupting the Gendered Representation of Betrayal in Resistance Movements

Maša Mrovlje

. First, I trace how oppressive understandings of sexual difference stem from the dominant masculinist fear of, even hostility against, the inescapable conditions of human embodiment and finitude. I unearth how this hostility has led to powerful myths of

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Some Senses of Pan-Africanism from the South

Christopher Allsobrook

Jabavu’s scheme was stoked by fears of ‘Ethiopian’ separatist churches in the early 1900s and by the radicalisation of black students who were going abroad to study at various African American colleges when denied entrance at home. Fearful white funding

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Rianna Oelofsen

why the kind of reconciliation pursued through the TRC in South Africa does not need to result in a denial of justice as Mamdani fears. The article’s overall aim is to clarify the relationship between the concepts of reconciliation, punishment and

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Deleuze's Postscript on the Societies of Control

Updated for Big Data and Predictive Analytics

James Brusseau

, ‘ to fear or hope, but only to look for new weapons ’ ( Deleuze 1992: 4 ). Today, the question is: New weapons to fight whom? The idea of agony and struggle against forces of social organisation and the powers-that-be has not aged well. The

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Louise Haagh

economically induced stress, enabled by the precarious employment economy. This can be defined as one in which people have to work under duress to avoid or ward against fear of redundancy, financial insecurity, or debt. According to one study, in 2016