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The Environment as an Umbrella Concept; From Word to Historical Concept

Risto-Matti Matero and Juan Alejandro Pautasso

-American space from the eighteenth century onward. Koselleck remains at the foundation of this project, since the Diccionario politico y social del mundo iberoamericano 2 is closely based on the model developed in the Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe. 3

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Modernity, Ḥadātha, and Modernité in the Works of Abdallah Laroui

Conceptual Translation and the Politics of Historicity

Nils Riecken

engaging a particular uneven history of universalization and translation and larger questions of the translatability of concepts. In doing so, he temporally and spatially refigures the concept of modernity to devise a shifted model for modernization. I thus

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The Limits of Liberal Democracy

Prospects for Democratizing Democracy

Viviana Asara

aggrandizement” of welfare capitalist democracy ( Lessenich 2019, 122 ) is not sufficient to grasp not only, as Lessenich convincingly argues, its structural boundaries, but also, as I argue here, the structural limits inherent in liberal democracy, the model

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From Act to Fact

The Transformation of Suicide in Western Thought

Daniel Gordon

-Preux and Werther achieved unprecedented literary popularity and provided readers with modern models for the act of suicide. “I shed my own blood for the Republic,” Gilbert Romme declared as he stabbed himself after his trial by the Girondins in 1795. 4 Six

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Leif Lewin

very different kind from national borders. Her choice is the NGOs or, in her vocabulary, a “stakeholder model of democracy” or, even more precisely—to underline the varying pattern in citizens’ relations to politics—a “multi-stakeholder model of

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Amit Ron

to dispel ourselves of models that assume some form of a metaphorical table where representatives of a strong demos with clearly formed collective will engage with representatives of affected interests that are independently formed. Instead, we need

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Avery Poole

democracy and human rights as regional norms ( Poole 2015a ). The adoption of references in the text of a regional declaration or statement does not necessarily mean that the organization emphasizes or upholds a particular “model” of democracy. As I have

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Carl Strikwerda

. Trying to resurrect the prewar economy in the 1920s only caused more upheaval. Dictatorship, autarchy, and import substitution regimes arose in the wake of the war as alternatives to economic integration and liberal, capitalist models. A new, more

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Jeffrey D. Hilmer and Max Halupka

remedy this deficiency in chapter 4 by recommending an alternative theory of democracy: oppositional democracy. This, he emphasizes, is not a “model of democracy” (3), but rather a theory of democracy as common action. Medearis writes, “By democratic

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China’s New Silk Road

Autocracy Promotion in the New Asian Order?

Octavia Bryant and Mark Chou

tolerates a “business as usual” model of foreign relations, which means that it implicitly condones the domestic political practices of whatever country it happens to deal with—irrespective of their record on good governance. This may be best termed the