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Is the Kingdom of Bicycles Rising Again?

Cycling, Gender, and Class in Postsocialist China

Hilda Rømer Christensen

Hanson and Mimi Sheller, who have argued for the need to address and deconstruct core ideas of genderless models of choice and individuality as a way of introducing innovations into transport research. Along similar lines, Rachel Aldred, James Woodcock

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Masculinity and Autonomous Vehicles

A Degendered or Resegregated Future System of Automobility?

Dag Balkmar and Ulf Mellström

anthropomorphized vehicle that was given a name (Iris), gender, and voice. 5 Others suggest that driver models of autonomous cars should be customized to mirror human dynamics based on gender, age, and emotion. 6 Studies on sex differences in opinions and

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Filmmaking at a Crossroads

Ulrike Ottinger’s Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia Goes off the Rails

Grace An

lamentations echo Figure 2 Liberated long shots of nomadic peoples in Johanna d’Arc of Mongolia (© Ulrike Ottinger Filmproduktion). those of the American Fanny, who bemoans “melancholy, monotony, mono-culture, monochrony.” Windermere seeks to model

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Emma Terama, Juha Peltomaa, Catarina Rolim, and Patrícia Baptista

of vehicles and rents them out to users on mobile application assisted platforms without the need for on-site personnel. Several car-sharing business models have emerged over time, ranging from station-based to free-floating fleets. In a peer

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Notes around Hospitality as Inhabitation

Engaging with the Politics of Care and Refugees’ Dwelling Practices in the Italian Urban Context

Camillo Boano and Giovanna Astolfo

shared housing accommodations within SPRAR and is based on the “diffused hospitality” model. Such a model is neither new nor novel, as it stems from the bottom-up initiatives of Italian residents and volunteers. Its origin has been alternatively

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James Longhurst, Sheila Dwyer, John Lennon, Zhenhua Chen, Rudi Volti, Gopalan Balachandran, Katarina Gephardt, Mathieu Flonneau, Kyle Shelton, and Fiona Wilkie

, Industry, and Public Policy (New York: Routledge, 2014), 248 pp., $135 This book, edited by Christopher Kopper and Massimo Moraglio, is the culmination of the international and interdisciplinary workshop titled “Models of Mobility: Systemic Diff erences

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Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh and Francesco Carella

models of regional cooperation, such as the European Union, in the “global South.” This can be seen clearly with Mercosur in South America, CARICOM in the Caribbean, ECOWAS in West Africa, and at an earlier stage with the African Union itself. It could be

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Mimi Sheller and Gijs Mom

China in ways that are also producing new kinds of gender identities and gendered practices. She understands cycling as an assemblage involving various models of bicycle, government policies, cyclists, bike manufacturers, bike shops, and images and

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Everything in Motion

Clio Andris and Juan Ruescas

distance. Distance incurs meaning only relative to the different types of movement in interaction. But, as opposed to the natural mediums from which species originate, the artifact of Zootopia eliminates the model by which the smaller have adapted to move

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Kudzai Matereke

mobility whose trajectories go beyond Western-centric models. The metaphor of clearing space invokes tidying up or making new arrangements to create more room for new things. We clear space to have a new beginning, to be able to accommodate more objects