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Rachel Rosen and Sarah Crafter

significant developments in migration studies, research, theory, and policy on migration have tended to remain in neoclassical and labor market frames ( Arango 2004 ), taking the male breadwinner as their normative model and rendering children largely

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Refugee Hospitality Encounters in Northern Portugal

“Cultural Orientations” and “Contextual Protection”

Elizabeth Challinor

analytical model from hospitality to hostility. Dealing with Disappointment While disappointment led some of my interlocutors to develop resentment and a lack of sympathy towards the plight of refugees, other reactions displayed a strong level of

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Restoring Viable Relations in Emigrant Gambia

Paolo Gaibazzi

Africa, is that migration has come to occupy such a prominent place in the imaginative horizon of so many, often young, people ( Graw and Schielke 2012 ). Investigating aspirations has necessarily led scholars to move beyond push-pull models of migration

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“Coaching” Queer

Hospitality and the Categorical Imperative of LGBTQ Asylum Seeking in Lebanon and Turkey

Aydan Greatrick

decision makers. On the other hand, this article will also observe how “coaching” runs parallel with their more sensitive refugee support programmes, allowing queer organizations to tentatively—and within the small space of their offices—practice a model of

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Every Campus A Refuge

A Small College’s Engagement with Refugee Resettlement

Diya Abdo and Krista Craven

Quaker-founded institution, to model such refuge. Its ethos and traditions are steeped in Quaker testimonies which advocate for community and justice-driven stewardship of resources. And Every Campus A Refuge would be but a twenty-first-century iteration

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Estella Carpi, Sandy F. Chang, Kristy A. Belton, Katja Swider, Naluwembe Binaisa, Magdalena Kubal-Czerwińska, and Jessie Blackbourn

and Gender Equality in the Context of Migration,” Krystyna Slany chronicles family relations. She examines the impact of migration in Poland on the characteristics of the family model and gender roles in Poland before considering the changes in “Polish

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“It’s Being, Not Doing”

Hospitality and Hostility between Local Faith Actors and International Humanitarian Organizations in Refugee Response

Olivia J. Wilkinson

, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and resettlement countries to follow up on the progression of cases. As direct implementers, their model focuses more on being a cultural broker for displaced people themselves. The existence of the

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The Long Homecoming

Ghanaian Migrant Business and Power in Veneto, Italy

Hans Lucht

too, from traditional family-owned farms to larger business models attuned to global markets; wine remains a very important produce in the region. In spite of the hard times, tourism is booming; the year 2015 saw a record 17 million tourists arrive in

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Migration as Survival

Withheld Stories and the Limits of Ethnographic Knowability

Gerhild Perl

rule, is celebrated as a model for multiculturalism; on the other, it is disparaged as a dark historical era that disrupted Spanish national identity ( Aidi 2006 ; Hirschkind [2013] 2016 ). The “in-finity of al-Andalus” ( Anidjar 2006 ) shows itself