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Rob Boddice, Christian J. Emden, and Peter Vogt

pagan concepts, like fate or fortuna , with Christianity. Thus, Lipsius’s work is seen as an attempt to modernize the fatum christianum in the context of the civil and religious wars and conflicts of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth

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Klaus Oschema, Mette Thunø, Evan Kuehn, and Blake Ewing

hermeneutical, historiographical, aesthetic, and psychological concept tracks wider trends in European modernization. Einfühlung fits rather perfectly with Reinhart Koselleck’s theory of a raft of new concepts and concept uses during the Sattelzeit . There

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Political Regeneration

José Bonifácio and Temporal Experiences in the Luso-American World in the Early Nineteenth Century

Maria Elisa Noronha De Sá and Marcelo Gantus Jasmin

reinstating old Portugal’s greatness, Bonifácio belonged to the group of Portuguese men of letters in charge of modernizing the Lusitanian empire. During this period he lived through Napoleon’s invasion and the transfer of the Portuguese royal court to Brazil

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The Complexity of History

Russia and Steven Pinker’s Thesis

Nancy Shields Kollmann

army. Parallel to European states, Muscovy’s claims on resources continuously expanded, in part because of modernization of the military into a gunpowder-armed cavalry army and, eventually, a European-style standing army, as well as because of imperial

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Socialisms in the Tsarist Borderlands

Poland and Finland in a Contrastive Comparison, 1830—1907

Wiktor Marzec and Risto Turunen

modernization during the course of the nineteenth century. Thus, the industrial hubs of the borderlands often had more in common with their urban counterparts in the west than with the neighboring areas in the east. In both contexts, local elites sought

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On Counterrevolution

Semantic Investigations of a Counterconcept during the French Revolution

Friedemann Pestel

Middell’s 2005 study combining semantic observations of counterrevolution with an investigation of the role of counterrevolutionaries in modernization processes. 14 Within the dominant historiography, important differences exist questioning whether

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Bonnie White

a casualty of modernization and industrialization. 83 The focus on gardening, smallholdings, and fruit picking reinforced the pre-modern approach of women’s groups and the press to women’s farm work. Although British farming was increasingly

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Stefan Nygård and Johan Strang

Research 2 (2010): 609634; Kazimierz Musial, Roots of the Scandinavian Model: Images of Progress in the Era of Modernization (Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, 2002); Lars Trägårdh, “Sweden and the EU: Welfare State Nationalism and the Spectre of

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From “De Facto King” to Peasants’ Communes

A Struggle for Representation in the Discourse of the Polish Great Emigration, 1832–1846/48

Piotr Kuligowski

. Wielopolski and the Polish Question, 1861–1863,” Canadian-American Slavic Studies 3, no. 2 (1969): 263–285, doi:10.1163/221023969X00394b. 83 Wiktor Marzec, “Modernizacja mas: Moment polityczny i dyskurs endecji w okresie rewolucji 1905–1907, [Modernization

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Carl Strikwerda

government had followed the plan of Peter Stolypin, chairman of the Council of Ministers, who sought to modernize Russia through aggressive Belgian and French investment in industry, paid for by increased grain exports. Stolypin argued that this program