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Ritual Tattooing and the Creation of New Buddhist Identities

An Inquiry into the Initiation Process in a Burmese Organization of Exorcists

Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière

one green coconut, surrounded by five banana hands, and one envelope with money inside. The trays are presented to the weikza associated with the six different kinds of medicine invoked during the installation of the ritual setting. Outside the

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The Social Life of Fighting Words

The Case of Political Correctness

Ronald S. Stade

of selling them for a dollar on the Berkeley campus of the University of California. The plan was successful, and soon Newton and Seale had raised enough money to buy a .357 Magnum pistol and a High Standard shotgun at the local department store

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“Eyes, Ears, and Wheels”

Policing Partnerships in Nairobi, Kenya

Francesco Colona and Tessa Diphoorn

the same. This threat, however, sounded empty as it came out of James’s mouth, and Kimani kept his rant going. When James—trying to get him off our backs—reminded him that this extra money comes not from his company but from the residents’ association

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Therese Sandrup

’ felt outrage did not lead to personal involvement other than donating money. The same is true for the young Norwegian Turks from my previous fieldwork. When I asked them in 2012 if they had considered traveling to Syria to join the fight against the Al

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Eluding the Esculacho

A Masculinities Perspective on the Enduring Warrior Ethos of Rio de Janeiro's Police

Celina Myrann Sørbøe

with a gun, drugs, and money, he will present the drugs and the weapon, but not the money, he keeps that. “War spoils” is the term the officer uses. Even after the UPPs “occupied” favelas, armed drug traffickers remained within the territories

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Fighting Fire with Fire

Resistance to Transitional Justice in Bahrain

Ciara O’Loughlin

reparations have been considered as “blood money” ( Magarrell 2007 ). Despite such mechanism-specific critiques, Briony Jones, Julie Bernath, and Sandra Rubli (2013) suggest that a broader understanding of what counts as resistance is underanalyzed and a

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Liberation Autochthony

Namibian Veteran Politics and African Citizenship Claims

Lalli Metsola

livelihoods and soon started to demonstrate, demanding jobs, money, and official recognition from the government. Early responses included a demobilization gratuity, vocational training, rehabilitation of the war-disabled, and resettlement schemes ( Colletta

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Racialized Governance

The Production and Destruction of Secure Spaces in Olympic Rio de Janeiro

Margit Ystanes and Alexandre Magalhães

, we work, we pay taxes … The working class doesn't have money to rent apartments, that's why we go to the favelas.” In Rio de Janeiro, urban planning cannot be meaningfully separated from security concerns. The contents of such concerns are outcomes

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Navigating the Politics of Anxiety

Moral Outrage, Responsiveness, and State Accountability in Denmark

Mette-Louise Johansen

not give the police work “on the ground” high priority, so the money allocated to the implementation of CVE efforts was scarce. Furthermore, the police officers had to carry out other tasks on top of their work in the Infohouse, such as regular street

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Staying out of Place

The Being and Becoming of Burundian Refugees in the Camp and the City

Simon Turner

the city. Staying in touch is about keeping one’s future options open, trying to navigate in relation to possibilities and options in the future. These options might be jobs, scholarships, money from relatives abroad, possibilities to go abroad, or