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Trying on the Veil

Sexual Autonomy and the End of the French Republic in Michel Houellebecq’s Submission

Seth Armus

’s façade begins to crack. When this happens, more organic ideas replace the underlying weakness of its artifice—these being nativism, tribalism, and eventually Islam. As the inevitable approaches, Houellebecq sets a brilliant tableau—one that the novel

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Pulling up the Drawbridge

Anti-Immigrant Attitudes and Support for the Alternative for Germany among Russian-Germans

Michael A. Hansen and Jonathan Olsen

identified by their nativism and populism. 24 Achim Goerres, Dennis Spies, and Staffan Kumlin found that anti-immigrant attitudes, political distrust, and fears about the economy were related to the likelihood of voting AfD. 25 Moreover, they concluded that

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A New Blue-Collar Force

The Alternative for Germany and the Working Class

Philipp Adorf

.1111/spol.12325 . For the argument that it is “economic nativism” rather than leftist sentiments that parties of the populist radical right share, see Simon Otjes, Gilles Ivaldi, Anders Ravik Jupskås, and Oscar Mazzoleni, “It’s not Economic Interventionism

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The Making of a Fundamental Value

A History of the Concept of Separation of Church and State in the Netherlands

Mart Rutjes

constitutional principle after 1900, under the influence of anti-Catholic rhetoric and American nativism. 81 Such a critical historical evaluation of a popularly held conviction is not only important for the United States, where the separation of church and

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Christiane Lemke

-wing populism and left-wing populism. In most cases it draws on nationalism and the idea of nativism. 20 In his comparative work, Mudde also points out that there is a great variety of different forms and expressions of populism. 21 According to Mudde

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Reclaiming the streets

Black urban insurgency and antisocial security in twenty-first-century Philadelphia

Jeff Maskovsky

—and of sentimentality more generally—have filled the political void, even as they have garnered few fully committed supporters. In this situation, the centrality of antiblackness and nativism to the new authoritarianism’s popular appeal is unsurprising

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Kim Knibbe, Brenda Bartelink, Jelle Wiering, Karin B. Neutel, Marian Burchardt, and Joan Wallach Scott

forms of Christianity relate to secularism and how these unfold in growing nativism and the othering of migrants in contemporary Europe. In my own fieldwork on African Pentecostal Christians in the Netherlands, I encounter some conceptual and

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Refugia Roundtable

Imagining Refugia: Thinking Outside the Current Refugee Regime

Nicholas Van Hear, Veronique Barbelet, Christina Bennett, and Helma Lutz

ahead looks increasingly bleak, as what Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has chillingly called “illiberal democracy,” with its razor wire fences and inward-looking nativism, looks to take hold, not just in “post-socialist” and “emerging” countries

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Hunting for Justice

An Indigenous Critique of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

Lauren Eichler and David Baumeister

conservation movement arose against a backdrop of racism, sexism, class conflicts, and nativism that shaped the nation in profound ways,” and these factors are “critical to our understanding of how discourses about the environment were developed, policies

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Sarah Besky and Jonathan Padwe

. Constructivist approaches to plant territorialities seek to understand the ways that plants symbolically index human territorial projects. The discourse of “invasion ecology,” for example, expresses nativism and xenophobia in a vegeto-biological dialect ( Elton