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Something Gleaming

Exemplary Resistance and the Shadows of Complicity

Bronwyn Leebaw

crimes, she observes, are charged with intentionally violating international legal standards. War criminals are charged with deviance from international norms and legal conventions. From Arendt's perspective, it would be important for people to

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A Critique of Liberal Universalism

The Concept of Secular Philosophical Grounding

Jaan S. Islam

arguments. Cosmopolitan approaches to global ethics in the modern scholarship can be divided roughly in the following divisions. To begin, there is a loosely associated group that promotes the concept of intersociative norms and legal consensus as the basis

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Joan Vergés-Gifra

ideals are jointly an active relationship, a subjective disposition and a norm. A brief comparison of them will now help us demonstrate the tripartite nature we are discussing. It will also help us to distinguish between them – fraternity is often

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Some Senses of Pan-Africanism from the South

Christopher Allsobrook

syncretism which informs the underlying effort of white African scholarship to deny black African cultural unity, in turn, to socialise Africans to identify with European norms. The emphasis of white interpreters on multi-cultural ethnic diversity and

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Contested Memory

Retrieving the Africanist (Liberatory) Conception of Non-racialism

Ndumiso Dladla

Liberalism and racism have been intertwined for hundreds of years, for the same developments of modernity that brought liberalism into existence as a supposedly general set of political norms also brought race into existence as a set of

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Neither Shadow nor Spectre

Populism as the Ideological Embodiment of the Democratic Paradox

Anthony Lawrence Borja

Between the populist demagogue and the citizenry is a sustained dance between their respective ideas, values, norms and experiences. This dance, however, is not necessarily harmonious. It can lead, and has led to, friction between a populist and

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’Tis but a Habit in an Unconsolidated Democracy

Habitual Voting, Political Alienation and Spectatorship

Anthony Lawrence A. Borja

. Spectatorship is the norm in a society of irremovable spectacles and what I note from his discussion is the need to find a new approach to a unity between the spectacle and the spectator, a unity that can lead to emancipation and is based upon a re-thinking of

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Lawrence Ogbo Ugwuanyi

drawn from the principles of white supremacy. There were no provisions for alternative values rooted in indigenous worldviews, such that colonial values, institutions, constitutions, norm and ideals, and so on, were the approved values. Two prominent

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The Economics of Decolonisation

Institutions, Education and Elite Formation

Nicola Viegi

. As argued by Belloc and Bowles (2013) , colonial education was not only an institution for the provision of skills driven by the economic necessity of the coloniser: it also defined and implanted in the colonies a set of cultures and social norms

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Patrick Cockburn

legal spaces in which ‘property outsiders’ ( Fox O’Mahony 2014 ) can, albeit to a limited extent, push against the dominant norms of property ownership and meet needs through self-help direct-action without committing criminal offenses. The closure of