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Phil Tattersall

each negotiated their own pathway to understanding. Community teams were encouraged to introduce their own ideas and methods, for example, use of art, performance, film, or story to interpret and present findings. The methodology is therefore open to a

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Marian Simon-Rojo, Inés Morales Bernardos, and Jon Sanz Landaluze

and seeking an agroecological transition in the Madrid region. Its core aim is to improve the performance of the different collectives and articulate common demands to the local and regional governments. In many senses, it has progressed the work

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A Crystal Ball for Forests?

Analyzing the Social-Ecological Impacts of Forest Conservation and Management over the Long Term

Daniel C. Miller, Pushpendra Rana, and Catherine Benson Wahlén

numerical, representations that can be used to compare, evaluate, and rank performance, as well as set standards against which to measure performance. Indicators can be used at multiple spatial and temporal scales, from national indicators like gross

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Natural Resources by Numbers

The Promise of “El uno por mil” in Ecuador’s Yasuní-ITT Oil Operations

Amelia Fiske

matter in new ways. Numbers are used to assess performance or to claim and demonstrate compliance with regulation. Extensive scholarship on technologies such as the audit has demonstrated that new means of performing accountability can both enable and

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Extractive Conservation

Peasant Agroecological Systems as New Frontiers of Exploitation?

Anne Cristina de la Vega-Leinert and Peter Clausing

food and energy demand, thereby “sparing land” for conservation. This strategy is embedded in a macro-scale approach to sustainability that emphasizes efficiency, 4 where spatial segregation enables landscape monofunctionality and a higher performance

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Katharina Seebaß

consequence of the heat ( Patz et al. 2005 ; Robine et al. 2008 ). Extreme heat events entail certain costs for a country; they have an effect on the work performance and productivity of individuals, resulting in a reduction of gross domestic product (GDP

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Franziska von Verschuer

, materiality is an active factor in processes of materialization. Nature is neither a passive surface awaiting the mark of culture nor the end product of cultural performances” (2007: 183). Rather than giving primacy to either side of the nature/culture dualism

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Explicating Ecoculture

Tracing a Transdisciplinary Focal Concept

Melissa M. Parks

from narrow ideas within strict boundaries of nationalism, language, ethnicity, and tradition, to broader “sites of struggle,” through which “the social order is maintained, challenged, produced, and reproduced, in the performance of various social

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Plastic Packaging, Food Supply, and Everyday Life

Adopting a Social Practice Perspective in Social-Ecological Research

Lukas Sattlegger, Immanuel Stieß, Luca Raschewski, and Katharina Reindl

. Machines can take over human work and displace practices, or they can influence the way in which practices persist or change without directly participating as elements within their performance. For Morley (2017: 83 ), the inclusion of these more indirect

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Hydrologic Habitus

Wells, Watering Practices, and Water Supply Infrastructure

Brock Ternes and Brian Donovan

individuals’ sacrifices for the benefit of the environment. Like lawn ownership and maintenance, well ownership is a product of both conscious status performance and habitus-level practices. It provides a source of water for obvious markers of middle-upper and