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Military Violence in Its Own Right

The Microsocial Foundations of Physical Military Violence in Noncombat Situations

Nir Gazit and Eyal Ben-Ari

deter. We would go in, make a lot of noise, and come back out. Notice that shooting is not directed at anyone but that this is a performance of military power through the overt display of machines and weapons as well as the calculated use of noise when

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Mirjam de Bruijn

a hungry person. Our politicians must think beyond their announcements about the arbitrary arrests of the youth at this moment. We expect more from them than this …. The artist musicians must break the silence. I remember performances, clips, and

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Abhishek Choudhary, Rhys Machold, Ricardo Cardoso, Andreas Hackl, Martha Lagace, and Carly Machado

, Das, and Finnström, religious performances “reconstitute people as moral agents” and show people's responses to their political climate ( Ellis and Ter Haar 2004: 15 ). Through their examination of rumors, the different authors make visible “the

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Racialized Governance

The Production and Destruction of Secure Spaces in Olympic Rio de Janeiro

Margit Ystanes and Alexandre Magalhães

. The impressive amount of personnel as well as their performance, hostile attitudes, and rough treatment of residents gave the impression of a force prepared to attack. The encirclements they created to hinder opposition during demolitions contributed

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Amanda J. Reinke

inclusive discipline technique, suspensions decrease within ranges from 40 to 90 percent, while the school climate, learning, and performance all improve ( Fronius et al. 2016 ; González 2012 ; HHC 2012 ; Lewis 2009 ; Wong et al. 2011 ). In the event

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“Where Is the New Constitution?”

Public Protest and Community-Building in Post–Economic Collapse Iceland

Timothy Heffernan

commenced in earnest, live music and speeches rang out across the square. While music performances satirized the establishment, or else were concerned with highlighting the richness of the nation and its history, the weekly speeches took on a more somber

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Leyla Neyzi, Nida Alahmad, Nina Gren, Martha Lagace, Chelsey Ancliffe, and Susanne Bregnbæk

state, claims that he himself is the state. Chapter 5, “Prosthetic Revenge,” focuses on the spectacular political performances associated with ultranationalist politics. Açıksöz describes the emergence in the media of the disturbing figure of the

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Philippine Prison Marriages

The Politics of Kinship and Women's Composite Agency

Sif Lehman Jensen

relations, which is reflected in the social structures of the prison marriages. In this light, echoing Weiss's (2010) point about how kinship norms are adopted into political organizations and inform gendered performance, we can understand the women

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Using International Criminal Law to Resist Transitional Justice

Legal Rupture in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Mikael Baaz and Mona Lilja

essential documents had not been translated casts a serious shadow over the ECCC, not least regarding the important criteria of legal equality and certainty. The objection is also interesting in the sense that is “legalistic,” it questions the performance of

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Achieving the Ordinary

Everyday Peace and the Other in Bosnian Mixed-Ethnicity Families

Keziah Conrad

also sustain a type of formal distance, that of guest and host. I remarked earlier on the self-conscious, performance-like quality of the evening and on Milka's dramatic, even ostentatious hosting. One aspect of the evening that surprised me most, at