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“Algeria for the Algerians”

Public Education and Settler Identity in the Early Third Republic

Kyle Francis

settler values much more than it did an exportation of anticlericalism. In his report to the office of the superintendent, the inspector general noted that Goy “has an elevated spirit, nourished on studies of religious philosophy, and could appear suitable

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The Origins of the Anti-Liberal Left

The 1979 Vincennes Conference on Neoliberalism

Michael C. Behrent

Marxism was itself subject to scrutiny. Not only were the nouveaux philosophes reproached for the poverty of their philosophy and obsession with media exposure; they were also accused of complicity with Giscard d’Estaing’s and Barre’s liberal agenda

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A Bridge Across the Mediterranean

Nafissa Sid Cara and the Politics of Emancipation during the Algerian War

Elise Franklin

to integration, a political philosophy meant to salvage France’s rule in Algeria and appeal to the Algerian population, facilitated Sid Cara’s rise. But it also created the primary obstacle to it. A cornerstone of Sid Cara’s political message

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The French Empire Goes to San Francisco

The Founding of the United Nations and the Limits of Colonial Reform

Jessica Lynne Pearson

, laid out the structure for a global organization that would aim to prevent war, champion human rights, and foster social progress across the world. 2 If 1945 was a momentous occasion for reimagining the philosophies and structures of global governance

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Mark Ingram

everlasting temptation to make generalization universal.” Désveaux attributes this tendency to the importance of philosophy in the French academic world, and “a logically derived propensity to embrace idealism” (43). He notes that it was not this propensity

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Transnational Cultural Propaganda

French Cultural Policies in Britain during the Second World War

Charlotte Faucher

of gathering academics and intellectuals around him but also of forging a “philosophy” for his movement. However, in reaction to de Gaulle's diminishing interest in promoting him to a Free French executive role and in disapproval of the lack of

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Periphery and Intimacy in Anti-Imperial Culture and Politics

From French Others to Othering Frenchness

Burleigh Hendrickson

this in mind, this article focuses on critiques of Frenchness from the periphery: from the radical anticolonialism of Martinican Frantz Fanon's philosophy and Senegalese Ousmane Sembène's writings and films, to the musings on French identity from

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The Olive Grove of Rome

Romanization and the French Colonial Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Tunisia

Jessica Biddlestone

: Strategies for Putting Old Data to Work in New Ways,” Science, Technology & Human Values 42, 2 (2017): 203–225, 204. See also, Alison Wylie, Thinking from Things: Essays in the Philosophy of Archaeology (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2002

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Catherine E. Clark

subscribed to an “any press is good press” marketing philosophy, and this campaign worked—for a time. Les Chinois à Paris made almost as much at the box office during three weeks in Parisian theaters as Louis Malle's Lacombe, Lucien did in eight. 134