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“Home Is Home No Longer”

Political Struggle in the Domestic Sphere in Postarmistice Hungary, 1919-1922

Emily R. Gioielli

courts. This position delegitimized the Soviet government and the ideology undergirding its many decrees regarding the abolition of private property, the concentration of wealth, and the transformation of class relations. Rather than being removed from

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Reclaiming the lake

Citizenship and environment-as-common-property in highland Peru

Mattias Borg Rasmussen

development and poverty eradication are driven primarily by “modern technology, private property, large-scale capital, and a combination of both foreign direct and domestic investment” ( Bebbington and Humphreys Bebbington 2011: 135 ), the relationship between

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Matthew Eshleman

seem like a provocative thesis. In relying solely on right-wing libertarians like Hayek and Rothbard, whom Sartre never read, Irwin seems ignorant of left-wing anarchist views that accept market competition and qualified notions of private property. For

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Fascism as a style of life

Community life and violence in a neofascist movement in Italy

Maddalena Gretel Cammelli

state and its primary object. Private property, the fruit of labor and individual savings, and the integration of human personality must always be guaranteed by the state. Private property, however, must not become a disintegrator of the physical and

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Michael Connors Jackman and Adeel Khan

) claims that since independence, Algeria has undergone a precarious reformation of private property law. He highlights how recent developments reveal a two-fold evolution: the maintenance as state property of the agricultural lands abandoned by the

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Waves of Dispossession

The Conversion of Land and Labor in Bali’s Recent History

Anette Fagertun

land for redistribution. However, the BAL privileged the legal concept of individual private property ( hak milik ) as the strongest form of land ownership, thereby creating the right of alienation regardless of the local adat or community ( MacRae

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Invoking a World of Ideas

Theory and Interpretation in the Justification of Colonialism

David Boucher

debate within the Catholic Church that had perplexed theologians throughout the fifteenth century. The status of the infidel with regard to private property rights and public sovereignty was a matter of moral and legal importance. Pope Innocent IV (ca

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Daniel M. Knight

exceed established ideas of relatedness. During the austerity years, much has been written on collective uses of land, the appropriation and reuse of public and private property, health clinics, and resource-sharing projects (see, e.g., Cabot 2016

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The Limits of Liberal Democracy

Prospects for Democratizing Democracy

Viviana Asara

production. This is due to the complete separation of the producer from the conditions of labor (by means of complete expropriation) and to the appropriators’ absolute private property in the means of production. The moment of appropriation is concomitantly

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Marxist morphologies

A materialist critique of brute materialities, flat infrastructures, fuzzy property, and complexified cities

Michał Murawski

spectacularly literal implementation of Marx and Engels’s highly illustrative phrase: “the theory of the communists can be summed up in one single sentence: the abolition of private property” 8 ([1848] 1968: 47). Marx and Engels’s phrase is both a theoretical