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Travel and Transformation

A Diachronic Study of the Changing Concept of Weisheng in Chinese Journals, 1880-1930

Bo Hu

attributed to Fryer’s influence, 29 while a few show Japanese impact. In the meantime, weishengs entanglement with the social Darwinist argument of race strengthening started to emerge, a familiar argument of the re-formers. 30 An often-cited article of

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Amélie Auzoux

multiple des peuples. En cela, Larbaud semble avoir retenu la leçon de Taine: [Au siècle dernier] on se représentait les hommes de toute race et de tout siècle comme à peu près semblables, le Grec, le barbare, l’Indou, l’homme de la Renaissance et l

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Constructing Difference and Imperial Strategy

Contrasting Representations of Irish and Zionist Nationalism in British Political Discourse (1917–1922)

Maggy Hary

that kept alive the desire to break up the Union, Balfour answered: Judging by Nationalist speeches you might suppose that it was the destruction by England of Irish institutions, built up by an Irish race and giving political unity to an Irish nation

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Heritage (Erfgoed) in the Dutch Press

A History of Changing Meanings in an International Context

Hanneke Ronnes and Tamara Van Kessel

“the so-called heritage” ( het z.g. erfgoed ). 76 During the German occupation of the Netherlands, and the related presence of much National Socialist rhetoric, it is not only genetics that the word erfgoed is associated with but also the idea of race

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Katherine Weikert and Elena Woodacre

2015, . 17 For a limited number of examples, see M. Lindsay Kaplan, “Jessica’s Mother: Medieval Constructions of Jewish Race and Gender in ‘The Merchant

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From Morality to Psychology

Emotion Concepts in Urdu, 1870—1920

Margrit Pernau

from becoming the slave of his natural disposition.” 11 While this is a far cry from concepts of nature as sinful, as propagated by the Evangelicals, and from concepts linked to biological considerations of character and race, it agrees well with the

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Neoliberalism, the Left and the Rise of the Far Right

On the Political and Ideological Implications of Capitalism's Subordination of Democracy

Costas Panayotakis

race and attributing these low birth rates to the growing participation of women in the paid labor force, replacement theory has not just inspired far right violence and terrorist attacks from Charlottesville in the U. S. to New Zealand ( Bowles 2019

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From Exoticism to Authenticity

Textbooks during French Colonization and the Modern Literature of Global Tourism

Claudine Moïse

antinomic to the white, civilized race. Nowadays, individualism prevails: expressing both egotism and withdrawal, inwardly looking into a narcissistic EGO, as conceived in the 1980s, 5 but also meaning “individuation” 6 and construction of the self in the

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Resist and Revivify

Democratic Theory in a Time of Defiance

Jean-Paul Gagnon and Emily Beausoleil

race, color, wealth or degree of culture,” as these actions betrayed “the democratic way of life” ([1939] 1998: 342) as Dewey understood it. But what he found even more dangerous than open, state-sanctioned coercion against specific groups of people was

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Nicole Abravanel

, polonais, hongrois … appartenant à l’élite de leur race” (expression d’un usage équivalent au terme “ethnique” précédemment employé). Crémieux met donc en évidence l’impact des courants migratoires consécutifs à la Première Guerre mondiale comme des