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Alienation and Affectivity

Beauvoir, Sartre and Levinas on the Ageing Body

Kathleen Lennon and Anthony Wilde

passive body, undergoing biological processes not under our control, becomes obtrusive: old age ‘reduces strength, it deadens emotions [… The body] sinks into physical weariness, general fatigue and indifference […] For man existing means self

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Matthew C. Eshleman

illusion deriving from our ignorance of the real causes of our acts. The problem which arises in this case is the strength of our belief in this mediation. Does the act of judging our anguish disarm it? Clearly not. However, at this point a new phenomenon

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Humanosphere Potentiality Index

Appraising Existing Indicators from a Long-term Perspective

Takahiro Sato, Mario Ivan López, Taizo Wada, Shiro Sato, Makoto Nishi, and Kazuo Watanabe

1998 ). Truly “objective” indicators do not exist. The greater the influence of the indicator developed, the greater the strength and reinforcement of biases at play in the selection of variables that constitute indicators. This can potentially weaken

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Mindfulness Meditation

A Sartrean Analysis

Dane Sawyer

: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body (New York: Avery, 2017). Goleman and Davidson examine the strength of the various studies on meditation, some of which claim benefits stronger than those that science can currently confirm

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Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

, strength, joy, and love. This also reminds us of the contribution of Ananta Giri (2011: 109) in this journal: Our understanding of the human and the social, as well as our realization of these, are in need of fundamental transformations, as our

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Too Much of Nothing

Analytic and Sartrean Phenomenological Perspectives

John Graham Wilson

without such putative subject terms, I therefore may have no thoughts at all but simply allusions. But if such ‘proto-thoughts’ are habitually excluded, I may also thereby be immunizing myself against any sense-making regarding my predicament. The strength

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Singing with Dignity

Adding Social Quality to Organization Studies on Aging

Prabhir Vishnu Poruthiyil

. 2017 ; Thomas et al. 2014 ). What makes SQ stand apart from other political projects to protect the weak (like the human rights and human development approaches), and compatible with organization theory, is the strength of its attention to structure

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Andrew Inkpin

mentioned above, it can be seen as a consistent interpretation of the phenomenological method Husserl defined, and arguably in practice a more complete implementation of that method than is found in Husserl. As such, its key strength lies in the practice of

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Contemporary “Structures” of Racism

A Sartrean Contribution to Resisting Racial Injustice

Justin I. Fugo

important to unpack the concept of a social collective. Sartre can be instructive here. To highlight the strength of his position, I will first distinguish it from the two common ways philosophers and political theorists usually define social collectives

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Social Quality in China

An Analysis of the Evaluation of Different Classes

Cui Yan and Huang Yongliang

the upper-middle group, the rapid economic growth has largely improved their group size and economic strength. This group has a substantial amount of economic power and resources. After their material demands are satisfied, their individual demands