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Gamed by the System

Exploring Black Male Youths’ Motivation to Participate in Sports

Deborwah Faulk, Robert A. Bennett III, and James L. Moore III

ideologies which bolster traditional displays of gender performance. Although gender norms are changing ( Anderson 2014 ), given the history of race, gender, and ability in the United States it is important to study the intersection of identity and the

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Sharing Images, Spoiling Meanings?

Class, Gender, and Ethics in Visual Research with Girls

Janet Fink and Helen Lomax

of working-class girlhood and knowing in their engagement with the photographer, albeit unalike in terms of the gendered identities they are performing at that moment as they play, literally and metaphorically, to the camera. What we have described

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Sponsoring Ways of Being

Adolescent Boys’ Religious Literacy Practices

Deborah Vriend Van Duinen

In response to the persistent gender gap in literacy achievement levels in international, national, and state assessments ( Brozo et al. 2014 ; Chudowsky and Chudowsky 2010 ), some literacy researchers have turned to researching boys’ out

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“I Am Trying” to Perform Like an Ideal Boy

The Construction of Boyhood through Corporal Punishment and Educational Discipline in Taare Zameen Par

Natasha Anand

existences that move against the structures of heteronormativity ( Gopinath 2000 ; Waugh 2002 ; Dudrah 2006 ; Gehlawat 2010 ; Jeyathurai 2013 ); the dialogue between and among the Indian diaspora, national identity, and globalization via the

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A Social Negotiation of Hope

Male West African Youth, ‘Waithood’ and the Pursuit of Social Becoming through Football

Christian Ungruhe and James Esson

addition, football was used to promote national unity and pride and Ghana’s national team, the Black Stars, was chosen to further the nation’s new identity. Moreover, particularly between the 1960s and 1990s, Ghana’s local game benefited from matches

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Anastasia Todd

“creates an idealized [feminine] subjectivity” but also manages to “stabilize a national identity” (1999: 22). Thus the pageant can be conceptualized as a balancing act. There is no doubt that the pageant affords the contestants a space in which to access

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Thebes Troutman as Traveling Tween

Revising the Family Story

Margaret Steffler

explaining the continued popularity of Anne, Irene Gammel argues that “Green Gables was built on national, literary, and aesthetic ideals of home that would resonate with readers who felt uprooted in a modern world of flux” (2008: 138). The Troutmans’ journey

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Boys, Inclusive Masculinities and Injury

Some Research Perspectives

Adam White and Stefan Robinson

twentieth century due to the increasing visibility of homosexuality in new urban cities ( Anderson 2009 ). With population density growing, homosexual men were able to meet within their locality, something less likely in the sparse rural farms. Gay identity

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Beyond the Discourse of Sexualization

An Inquiry into the Adultification of Tween Girls’ Dressing in Singapore

Bernice Loh

that as a result of this, Singaporeans make the most meaning of the concept of national economic growth when they are able to buy new things continually since this is translated directly into an improvement in their material lives. As a starting point

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Robyn Singleton, Jacqueline Carter, Tatianna Alencar, Alicia Piñeirúa-Menéndez, and Kate Winskell

of narrative analysis in communication and educational interventions. Methods As stated, in 2015 young Mexicans under the age of 25 were invited to contribute an original idea to a scriptwriting contest. The contest was organized nationally by