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James Gerber

intergovernmental institutions, the low levels of social trust if not among border residents, at least among national leaders, the high degree of economic, political, and social asymmetry, and the historically conflictual relationship that underlies state

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Whither the people in the ASEAN Community?

Prospects in regional community building above and below the state

See Seng Tan

development, resilience against natural disasters, social protection and welfare, environmental protection, regional identity, and the like ( ASEAN, 2016a ). How that liberal-realist tension has animated and shaped (and continues to do so) ASEAN's community

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. The notion of time addresses historical traditions and their effects on our sense of belonging and our identities. Space indicates the territorial limits of cohesion. Cohesion, according to this agenda, is to be discussed by examining the interaction

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John Agnew

positive effects of realizing ethnic identities, anti-poverty measures, and/or welfare and social rights. What these all have in common is a commitment to how the goals of economic growth and social development can only be met satisfactorily if the self

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Elisabetta Nadalutti

what extent CBC leads to transnationalism conceptualized here as a process that overcomes nation-states’ interests for the good of the cross-border territory and its people ( Nadalutti, 2020, pp. 1–15 ). Put differently, I question whether national

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Dudziro Nhengu

that development programming can adopt to ensure effective gender responsive health service delivery were proffered. The dominant patterns in migration discourse from national to global levels focus on issues of acculturation. This study, rather

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Violence and public health in the Altamira region

The construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant

Rosa Elizabeth Acevedo Marin and Assis da Costa Oliveira

order to transform them into “real” citizens of the national state, incorporating values and ideals diffused by the State. At the end of this process, the indigenous people are no longer indigenous, in a sense that they have an ethnical identity, and

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Sébastien Dubé

region, not only since the second half of the 20th century but also since independence in the 19th century. For the authors, these elements are the search for regional autonomy in the international system, a shared cultural identity, and the persistent

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L’entrée en politique des militants amérindiens en Argentine

Trajectoires, discours, avancées et limites

Maité Boullosa-Joly

1 . Felipe, 59 ans, originaire de Quilmes et militant emblématique du Nord-Ouest argentin, travaille aujourd’hui au service de l’INAI (Institut national des affaires indigènes). Il revient ici sur sa trajectoire et la façon dont il s’est formé. Son

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“If the coronavirus doesn’t kill us, hunger will”

Regional absenteeism and the Wayuu permanent humanitarian crisis

Claudia Puerta Silva, Esteban Torres Muriel, Roberto Carlos Amaya Epiayú, Alicia Dorado González, Fatima Epieyú, Estefanía Frías Epinayú, Álvaro Ipuana Guariyü, Miguel Ramírez Boscán, and Jakeline Romero Epiayú

dynamics explain this: capitalism and socialism in Colombia and Venezuela have broken down life dynamics, the Wayuu social system, and traditional economies. Also, the national identities have eroded Wayuu identity. Finally, climate change and coal mining