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Tatiana Vagramenko

-Soviet states, they “champion in one and the same breath Christ crucified, market economics, and Western democracy.” 1 This article, however, draws on an ethnographic case in which the globally successful neo-Pentecostal prosperity gospel movement has not drawn

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Barry Windeatt

weeping edify us’. 6 The Pseudo-Origen’s whole focus is to meditate on the ironies of tears which are sincerely heartfelt – but uncomprehending and misdirected – in the weeping Magdalene’s encounter with the angels at the tomb and with the risen Christ

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Teachings of Tara

Sacred Place and Human Wellbeing in the Shimla Hills

Jonathan Miles-Watson

the mountaintop and this resonated with my own understanding. For, just before this visit I had written the following in my field journal: Although Christ Church Cathedral is clearly the most famous icon of Shimla it is dwarfed by the mountains all

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Vertical Love

Forms of Submission and Top-Down Power in Orthodox Ethiopia

Diego Maria Malara and Tom Boylston

because it is good to do so (depending on whom you ask and what phrasing they choose). The same goes for saints and especially Mary. New Orthodox hymns are full of expressions of love for Christ, Mary, and the Archangel Michael, using both the passionate

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Young Delinquency as a Social Product in an Age of Correction

The Chicago School’s Struggle to Humanize Transgression

Shane Blackman

important today in understanding how we try and resolve issues of social intolerance and cultural transgression. Shane Blackman Canterbury Christ Church University E-mail: References Back , Les . 2012 . “ Live Sociology

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Understanding Mobilities in a Dangerous World

Gail Adams-Hutcheson, Holly Thorpe, and Catharine Coleborne

: Disastrous Mobilities in Relocation from the Christ-church Earthquakes, Aotearoa New Zealand,” moves the conversation from the macro to the micro when she considers that material affects are able to entangle the earth, forces, and embodiment. She incorporates

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A.D. Harvey

before Christ, and modern pocket combs are very similar to ivory combs excavated at the site of the tenth-century Viking settlement at York. Even in the present era of runaway change many of the items we associate with up-to-dateness are far from new. The

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In Fortune Fair and Foul

Happiness and Care of the Self in Sir Kenelm Digby's Letter-Book In Praise of Venetia

Paula Barros

wedding and meete me there with incomparably more ioy then she had that morning she married me here on earth. 39 For Catholics and Protestants alike, marriage figured the mystical union with Christ. The Council of Trent, in its formulation of the

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John H. Gillespie, Marcos Norris, and Nik Farrell Fox

member of Christ’s body, and, at the same time, we must be willing, in the spirit of self-sacrifice, to submit ourselves to the other’s objectifying gaze, for only by permitting these limits to our freedom do we learn to engage the world in non

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Richard H. Weisberg

Christ’. 3 My term for the resolution of a deeply human but flawed package of needs today is ‘triangulation’, defined as the voluntary projection onto a third force of a direct obligation previously binding two as yet unmediated parties. Often this